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Updated: April 19, 2018

Note: Sadly, Ed Jefferies, who used to work at GVP, passed away on March 14, 2016. :( My condolences to his family in his loss. The Amiga community has lost a great man. :(


On June 9, 1999, I bought a refurbished Amiga 4000 (desktop) from Software Hut that came pre-configured with a GVP-M A4060 accelerator. Though I've not owned an Amiga for many years now, this page remains in an effort to provide other GVP-M A4060/A2060 users with as many answers and resources as possible for these unsupported and mysterious 68060 accelerator cards for the Amiga 4000 and 2000.

Note: Many thanks to Danny Hamon for notifying me of this: the long-sought after v2.2 68060.library from Ralph Babel's Amiga Archive page which corrects a number of problems for GVP TekMagic 68060 users is now available.