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Version 2.3 of Ralph Babel's 68060.library from his Amiga Archive page (which corrects a number of problems for GVP TekMagic 68060 users) is now available. Many thanks to Ralph for his excellent work with this library, and to Robert Miranda for notifying me of this.

Sadly, Ed Jefferies, a knowledgeable tech at an Amiga dealer in the Midwest that sold GVP, passed away on March 14, 2016. :( My condolences to his family in his loss. The Amiga community has lost a great man. :(


Many years ago, I bought a GVP-M A2060 for my Amiga 2500. Shortly after installing it, I had read/write errors on my hard drive, it wouldn't boot-up, etc. After numerous checks for bad termination or loose connections, I finally sent my Amiga 2500 to Software Hut to see if they could straighten it out.

Their technician, Chris Smith, spent a good deal of time trying to get it to work, but was only temporarily successful, since shortly after I got it back, it was up to its usual read/write and "tekscsi2.device" errors. I finally gave up, returned the card for a refund, and put my old Commodore A2630 accelerator back in which worked fine.

Then on June 9, 1999, I bought a refurbished Amiga 4000 (desktop reconfigured in a Power Tower case) from Software Hut that came installed with a GVP-M T-Rex II A4060 accelerator.

Although that Amiga kicked the bucket around 2003, I now happily own another Amiga 4000 with an A3660, and since late April 2021, own a GVP T-Rex II 4060 that I'm hoping to get up and running.

This page continues as an effort to provide GVP-M A4060/A2060 users with as many resources and answers as possible for these 68060 accelerator cards for the Amiga 4000 and 2000.