TRexx-II image (above left) used with permission from the Amiga Hardware Database

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Updates (July 3, 2018)


If you have similiar bugs or issues with the A4060 as described below, please e-mail me.

Wordworth v6.0 through v7.01 froze within seconds of its GUI appearing with guru meditation number 80000005, a ("Divide by zero" integer division error) on my A4060. PageStream v3.1b also crashed with the same error at exactly the same time (within seconds of the GUI appearing).

Thomas Richter spent many hours with me trying to trace the source of these bugs, but we were unable to trace it (using a great deal of debugging software) to a single software problem (although Wordworth does appear to have font trouble).

Both Wordworth and PageStream previously worked fine on my old A2500 with an A2630 68030 CPU.

In the end, there were only three 68060.libraries that allowed my system to boot up:

...all other libraries left my system sitting there with a black screen, halfway through the boot process.