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Updates: May 23, 2024


Though bugs should be unlikely now—especially after installing AmigaOS 3.2—if you have encountered any issues with any of the accelerator cards here, please e-mail me.

  1. RMK (A4060DT user) posted the following potential issue on EAB back on May 24, 2009:

    "Just wondering if anyone has ordered and received one of the new GVP 4060 cards? I was about to order one but then heard of some issues of people geting them to work on the A4000. I had heard of one person having issues getting his to work on his A3000 but this has since been resolved."
  2. John Robertson (A4060DT user) would like to use his Umax 1220s scanner with his 4060. He describes the problem:
    "Michael Bourne and I have tried for many hours trying to get this to work with no success. The problem is that the machine locks up when the GVP board starts talking to the scanner on boot. All terms and cables are well within SCSI specifications. I have heard through Software Hut that Michael at GVP-m has fixed this problem for others but I have not been able to reach him since I bought my card. Is there a magic fix?"
  3. Sean Courtney (A4060DT user) asks for help:
    "Chris Smith recommended I put a CPU fan on the TekMagic board's 68060. I went to Radio Shack and found a Pentium fan that's the perfect size, but it has a special clip on it (a Ziff or something) that's not on the TekMagic board. If a fellow user can tell me where I can find a fan that will easily fit on it, or at least how to hot-glue or otherwise fit the same fan to the chip, I'd really be grateful!"
  4. Mike Pindzola (2060 user) would like to know if anyone has these problems:
  5. Mike Quinlan (2060 user) has the following problems: