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Documentation: T-Rex I 4040 | T-Rex II 4060 | TekMagic 2060 | QuikPak Manuals

Please note that (apart from jumper information) there are no known official manuals for the T-Rex I or II cards.

T-Rex I 4040

GVP T-Rex Rev 4 (A4040 / T-Rex I) has two connectors for expansion (six SIMM32 memory expansion, and SCSI, the latter never produced).

Uses two GVP SIMM32s: 4MB or 16MB modules on card.

68040 CPU, clocked at 25, 33, or 40MHz.

Onboard clock uses PLL to double the frequency.

Jumper under clock/FlashLogic chip:
JR6 - Reserved - Default 2/3
Pins across bottom of card below CPU:
JP8 - Reserved - Default=Off
JP7 - Burst Mode - On=Enable, Off=Disable
JP3 - Reserved - Default=Off
JP2 - Reserved - Default=Off
JP1 - Reserved - Default=Off
JR5 - Reserved - Default=Off
JR4 - Reserved - Default=Off
JR3 - SIMM Size - On=16MB SIMM32, Off=4MB SIMM32
JR2 - Burst Reads - Default=On
JR1 - Burst Writes - Default=On
Left side neat connector:
JP4 - Startup Mode - On=Motherboard CPU Present (i.e. A3000), Off=No Motherboard CPU (i.e. A4000D Rev. B)
JP5 - Reserved - Default Off
JP6 - 4040 Board Enable - On=Disable (Motherboard CPU), Off=4040 CPU Active

CN6 - Fan (cooler) power (5V)

Settings above are the default for the 40MHz model. No information is available on any reserved jumpers, or variations for other clock speeds.

[Source: Overclocking the GVP 4040 TREX-1. Thanks to Robert Miranda for sending this info.]

T-Rex II 4060

The following files are in Adobe Acrobat v4.0 format, of which there are a couple of .pdf file viewers available from Aminet (such as APDF). However; if you'd like a printed copy, please contact me.

Thanks to Mark Smith for contributing the Jumpers and IO Definitions section of the A4060 manual.

If you have a copy of the original 4060 manual and/or additional documentation not available here, please e-mail me.

TekMagic 2060

Thanks to Michael Rozeboom for contributing the complete documentation for the GVP A2060 (available below):

QuikPak Manuals

The QuikPak A4000T-040/060 and A4000-060-040 XP (Revs. 1, 2) accelerator manuals below are included here as they were designed by the T-Rex II 4060's designer, Jeff Boyer.