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The installation disk that Chris Smith (the now-defunct Software Hut's technician) included with my system is actually for the TekMagic A2060—not the A4060. This disk and other drivers/utilities are available for download here (or in some cases by request). For A2060/A4060 manuals, see the Documentation section.

File Version Author Size Date Origin/Download Notes/Copyright(s)
68060.library 1.2 Ralph Babel 65,648 bytes 25.1.96 A4060 install disk
2060 install disk
 1996 Ralph Babel
68060.library 2.2 Ralph Babel 66,024 bytes 8.1.96 TekMagic '060  1996 Ralph Babel
(includes "dummy" 68040.library)
68060.library 2.2 Jeff Boyer (GVP-M) 66,024 bytes 26.7.96 Chris Smith
(if you have this, e-mail me)
 1996 Jeff Boyer
(only two minor differences from
above library)
68060.library 40.17 Carsten Schlote 64,576 bytes 2.11.99 In the GatewayTools.lha archive (libs dir) 1997 by Carsten Schlote, Coenobium Developments
68060.library 40.14 Carsten Schlote 64,412 bytes 28.4.97 Carsten Schlote's homepage 1997 by Carsten Schlote, Coenobium Developments
68040.library 1.1 Ralph Babel 536 bytes 29.12.95 A4060 install disk 68040-stub  1995 Ralph Babel
68040.library 40.2 Carsten Schlote 556 bytes 14.4.97 Carsten Schlote's homepage 1997 by Carsten Schlote, Coenobium Developments
KSRemap 2.0 GVP-M 10,448 bytes 2.28.96 A4060 install disk KSRemap_datacachefix 2.0
KSRemap 2.0 GVP-M 10,460 bytes 3.14.96 Chris Smith
(if you have this, e-mail me)
KSRemap_datacachefix_A2K 2.0
Tek060 ? GVP-M 14,468 bytes 1996 Chris Smith
(if you have this, e-mail me)
(no version string)
GVP060 ? GVP-M 14,468 bytes 1996 A4060 install disk (no version string)
NoBypass 37.1 Simon Goodwin 6,122 bytes 8.10.1999 68060fix.lha NoBypass 37.1 8.10.1999 by Simon N Goodwin

Carsten Schlote's 68060.library v40.14 is apparently not the only third-party 68060.library that works with the GVP A2060. Two A2060 owners are using Phase 5's 68060 & 68040.libraries: Michael Bourne, and Frank E. De Clue has a Tekmagic A2060, and is using the latest Phase5 040 and 060 libraries and Cyberguard with no problems at all. Carsten's newer (v40.17) 68060.library is now available for download above. He explains the 68060.library he wrote:

"This project started as a replacement for the original software supplied with my 060 accelerator board. Most functions of the 68040.lib were not implemented and so the supplied 060.lib was unusable. As I couldn't wait for months on even the smallest bug fix, I did it myself. My software works on 040 and 060 systems without any change. The loaderlib will do a hardware check(!) and can distinguish between 040 and 060. It will load either the 040 or 060 library. The 060.lib implements the same functionality as the 68040.libray. It uses handoptimized versions of the Motorola ISP/FPSP software."