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Which 680x0.library is recommended?

  1. For GVP-m TekMagic/QuikPak products: Ralph Babel's v2.3 library (below) is the one to use, with Thomas Richter's Mu680x0Libs.lha a suitable second. Both work with the MuLibs development tools.
  2. For most non-GVP-m 040/060 boards: Providing that they don't have a recently updated set of libraries, or 68040 boards that have been updated to a 68060 with an adapter, again, Thomas Richter's Mu680x0Libs.lha is a relatively good option.
  3. For application/OS development: The MuLibs CPU libraries integrate well with the dev tools Thomas Richter has updated and ported. For PPC-based products, Phase5's libraries are recommended due to their handling both the PPC and the 68060—something that is not publicly documented.
  4. For historical reference and source code: A plus for anyone that wants to develop going forward, Carsten Schlote's sources for the mc68060.library are available, which are reportedly usable with all MC68060 CPU cards on the Amiga.

    Warning: Please note, however, that Carsten's code hasn't been updated since its creation in the late 1990s, despite being posted in 2016 on Github. Both CPU bugs and AmigaOS compatibility/changes have been encountered since its last compile, so it may not be suitable without updates.

File Version Author Size Date Origin/Download Copyright(s)/Notes
68060.library 2.3 Ralph Babel 66,088 bytes 7.7.2018 TekMagic '060 Copyright © 2018 Ralph Babel
(includes "dummy" 68040.library).
2.3's primary fix identifies the
Rev. 5 68060's Load/Store Buffer
Bypass bug, and disables the mode.
680x0.library(s) 46.6.1 Thomas Richter 382,662 bytes 1.7.2018 Mu680x0Libs.lha Copyright © 2018 Thomas Richter
68060.library 1.2 Ralph Babel 65,648 bytes 25.1.1996
A2060 Install
Copyright © 1996 Ralph Babel
68060.library 2.2 Jeff Boyer
66,024 bytes 26.7.1996 Chris Smith
Have this? Contact me.
Copyright © 1996 Jeff Boyer
Only two differences from above
library: patching of the copyright
string, and commenting out the
NoBypass mask-bug workaround.
1.1 Ralph Babel 536 bytes 29.12.1995
A4060 Install
Copyright © 1995 Ralph Babel
KSRemap 2.0 GVP-m 10,448 bytes 2.28.1996
A4060 Install
Copyright © ?
KSRemap_datacachefix 2.0
KSRemap 2.0 GVP-m 10,460 bytes 3.14.1996 Chris Smith
Have this? Contact me.
Copyright © ?
KSRemap_datacachefix_A2K 2.0
Tek060 ? GVP-m 14,468 bytes 1996 Chris Smith
Have this? Contact me.
Copyright © 1996
GVP060 ? GVP-m 14,468 bytes 1996
A4060 Install
Copyright © 1996