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Updates (July 3, 2018)


Which 680x0.library is recommended?

  1. For GVP TekMagic/QuikPak products: Ralph Babel's v2.3 library (below) is the one to use, with Thomas Richter's Mu680x0Libs.lha a suitable second. Both work with the MuLibs development tools.
  2. For most non-GVP 040/060 boards: Providing that they don't have a recently updated set of libraries, or 68040 boards that have been updated to a 68060 with an adapter, again, Thomas Richter's Mu680x0Libs.lha is a relatively good option.
  3. For application/OS development: The MuLibs CPU libraries integrate well with the dev tools Thomas Richter has updated and ported. For PPC-based products, one wants Phase5's libraries because they handle the PPC and the 68060, something that is not publicly documented.
  4. For historical reference and source code: A plus for anyone that wants to develop going forward, Carsten Schlote's sources for the mc68060.library are available, which are reportedly usable with all mc68060 CPU cards on the Amiga. Warning: Note that Carsten's code hasn't been updated since its creation in the late 1990s, despite being posted in 2016 on Github. Note also that both CPU bugs and AmigaOS compatibility/changes have been encountered since its last compile, so it may not be suitable without updates.
File Version Author Size Date Origin/Download Notes/Copyright(s)
68060.library 2.3 Ralph Babel 66,088 bytes 7.7.2018 TekMagic '060 Copyright  2018 Ralph Babel
(includes "dummy" 68040.library).
2.3's primary fix makes it aware of the
Rev. 5 68060 having the Load/Store Buffer
Bypass bug, and disables the mode.
680x0.library(s) 46.6.1 Thomas Richter 375,150 bytes 1.7.2018 Mu680x0Libs.lha Copyright © Thomas Richter
68060.library 1.2 Ralph Babel 65,648 bytes 25.1.1996 A4060 install disk
A2060 install disk
Copyright  1996 Ralph Babel
68060.library 2.2 Jeff Boyer
66,024 bytes 26.7.1996 Chris Smith
(if you have this, please e-mail me)
Copyright  1996 Jeff Boyer
(only two minor differences from above library)
68040.library 1.1 Ralph Babel 536 bytes 29.12.1995 A4060 install disk 68040-stub Copyright  1995 Ralph Babel
KSRemap 2.0 GVP-m 10,448 bytes 2.28.1996 A4060 install disk KSRemap_datacachefix 2.0
KSRemap 2.0 GVP-m 10,460 bytes 3.14.1996 Chris Smith
(if you have this, please e-mail me)
KSRemap_datacachefix_A2K 2.0
Tek060 ? GVP-m 14,468 bytes Copyright 1996 Chris Smith
(if you have this, please e-mail me)
(no version string)
GVP060 ? GVP-m 14,468 bytes Copyright 1996 A4060 install disk (no version string)