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Updates: May 23, 2024


T-Rex II A4060DT boards were apparently still available for $445 as late as December 2010 via Software Hut and their website. At what point Michael at GVP-m stopped selling them is unknown; possibly around the same time as the last update was made to the GVP-m website—June 27, 2011.

Jeff Boyer, Ralph Babel, Michael (owner of GVP/GVP-m)

Jeff Boyer - According to his resume, worked for GVP from 1989 to 1998. Darren Eveland notes on comp.sys.amiga.misc (August 8, 2000) that he designed both the GVP-m '060 and QuikPak 68060 cards (the latter of which QuikPak licensed the board design from him).

The GVP-m A4060 accelerator card was indeed designed by Jeff Boyer, as Olaf Barthel explains:

"He designed the DMA controller Commodore would use in all SCSI/XT hardware up to and including the A3000. He also was Commodore's SCSI guru until he left to join GVP-m. Here again he was responsible for the data storage products and the accelerator cards. The GVP-m A4060 was his last feat, which draws upon the earlier 68040 designs he did for GVP-m."

Where is Jeff Boyer today? If his resume and/or LinkedIn info (additional link) is still current, he's owner and president of Tekmagic, Inc. in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania:

Tekmagic, Inc.
441 Highspire Rd
Glenmoore, PA 19343

Ralph Babel - Wrote the original GVP-m 68060.library for the TekMagic card in 1995, and the only modifications made to it in 1996 by Jeff Boyer (resulting in v2.2):

68060.library $VER: 68060 2.2 (26.7.96) 1996 Jeff Boyer
were the patching of the copyright string and the commenting out of the NoBypass mask-bug workaround. In 2018, Ralph updated the original GVP-m 68060.library file to v2.3 (the primary fix identifies the Rev. 5 68060's Load/Store Buffer Bypass bug, and disables the mode).

Michael (owner of GVP/GVP-M) - Not much is known, but he is obviously paying to keep the gvp-m.com domain registered, and the website online—which is much appreciated!

GVP / GVP-m - (source: Amiga Hardware Database)