T-Rex II image (above left) used with permission from MyAmigaShop.com

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Updates: May 23, 2024


4060 T-Rex II

TekMagic 2060

Impact A2000-HC Series II (Burning GVP EPROM V4.15)

Amiga user Charles Hofer notes:

"I successfully burned V4.15 EPROM of the Impact Series II. I used the SCSI2SD for my drive and works great. No more locking up. I have had it on all day without issues. The first hurdle was figuring out how to use the Willem PCB5.0C burner. There is very little help on it. There are 11 jumpers on it that have to be set correctly per chip you burn. It also needs an external 12V 1Amp supply. It was driving me nuts until late last night when I saw a forum and the guy said that the voltage settings are important. So long story short, it was set by default for 5V and a 27c256 needs 6.25V. Once I set that jumper correctly, I was able to burn and verify no problem."

tekscsi2.device/gvpscsi2.device and large drives

Apparently the tekscsi2.device / gvpscsi2.device is broken like many others and does not support large drives (over 4 GB); i.e. it 'wraps around'.

It may be worth trying a filesystem that can use HDSCSI commands with the tekscsi2.device. If so, it should allow access to at least 8 GB; maybe even 128 GB.