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July 22, 2020CS Lab Warp 1260 Demonstration of 50MHz and 105MHz (RetroCengo)

"We had one thing [issue unknown] that had to be fixed as a betatester, and that's fixed on the new cards. Cizar has also been written [sic] a topic about it. Other than that, no issues; it runs amazing..." — RetroCengo

May 30, 2020Warp factor 560 taking the Amiga 500 into the future (Questions and Answers with Stephen Jones)

"It will rise this year, but it will also be without a CPU." — Andrzej Rogozynski

April 13, 2020Update on Warp Project (Andrzej Rogozynski)

"Warp4060 hardware design is started, but lately we were focused on making the 560 and 1260 models ready for release. In general, Warp4060 will be made, but it's still in quite an early stage... Sorry for that, I wish to have more time for this project."

"Warp560 and 1260 have 256MB of RAM, but currently 128 is for RTG graphics. This will change soon, when bootrom will be ready and 16MB will be for RTG and 240MB for AmigaOS. Warp4060 is in design stage so it's plausible that will have more RAM, but I wonder if it is really necessary for the Amiga software?"

"Yes, both 560 and 1260 models are ready. We plan to send first units for tests and reviews, so potential customers would get some objective info from someone not related to the project. ;) In the meantime we'll prepare first batch for customers. So I think that we'll start shipment in about four weeks. First batch is quite small, because we won't take a big risk if anything bad reveals when other people will start playing with this hardware for the first time. If everything is fine then we'll make a bigger order for PCBs and other components to start production more seriously."