Unofficial 3060 / 4060 Page

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Why this page? I started it simply as a means of collecting all known CS-Lab Warp card info spread out across the web. My hope is that it's helpful to other Warp accelerator card enthusiasts out there—my interest is that I have an A3000 and A4000, each begging for an upgrade. :)

It's a work in progress, and I trust that if/when CS-Lab has time to document and post more info, this site will perhaps become unnecessary.

If any content posted on this website is incorrect, please let me know and I'll correct it. Thanks!


CS-LAB s.c.
J. Wawak, A. Rogozynski, Sz. Paprocki
Wojska Polskiego 65A (obiekt 194)
85-825 Bydgoszcz, Poland

Discord: CS-Lab Warp (you may need an invitation to join)

Software: Andrzej (Sellen) Rogozynski - YT | fb

Hardware: Szymon (Cizar) Paprocki - YT | fb

Known beta testers

  1. Amiga Tests author (Warp 560 and 1260)
  2. Dan Wood (Warp 1260)
  3. Dawid Dorian (Warp 560 and 1260)
  4. John "Chucky" Hertell (Warp 1260)
  5. Michal Bergseth of Amitopia/Distrita (Warp 1260)
  6. RETROCENGO (Warp 1260)
  7. Stephen Jones (Warp 560)
  8. tboniasty (Warp 1260)