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Warp factor 560 taking the Amiga 500 into the future | Questions and Answers with the Unique Warp Team

From Stephen Jones' Warp factor 560 taking the Amiga 500 into the future (May 30, 2020)

How to order/get the Warp card and if it is possible to order one with the CPU directly from you?

Unfortunately, MC68060 is not in production anymore, and there is no reliable source for this part. We're just not able to take the risk of buying these CPUs, so please understand why we insist that potential customers should buy this CPU on their own. We have some of these in stock, but very few, so maybe only a couple of orders could be done in this way.

Why didn't we put a socket on the Warp card to enable end-users to mount their own CPUs?

There are a couple of reasons for this. First is that these sockets are also quite rare and can be (depending on the source) quite expensive. The quality of them also varies. Besides that, the Warp 1260 doesn't even have enough space to install it, when you also have proper cooling in mind. The other important reason for us is that we don't know if someone doesn't insert some Chinese scam and potentially destroy the card itself. Of course, that also can happen with CPU, which was sent to us, but we prefer to take this risk and eventually fix our test board quickly without involvement in all the procedures with sending products back to us, fixing it, and sending back.

Are they going to be starting a pre-order list for purchase?

After testing, we will prepare a list of pre-orders. There will be two dining lists with a second processor with their own. Unfortunately, our CPU resources are very limited (even exhausted). So getting your CPU card may not be possible.

Can you control the fan speed based on temps from the Warp, or are they fixed speed?

That's how you do it (in YouTube movies they talked about it badly). You can set the temperature that cooling should try to maintain. Currently (silent = 45°C; performance = 40°C, full speed).

Since some people have a DVD drive, how well does the ARM on the Warp 560 handle full length movies?

Yes, I recommend movies in 4K super looks... hahahah it's just an Amiga with a 100 MHz processor. The only movies are those in MPG1 that can be decoded. I haven't seen an Amiga playing DVDs yet; maybe WinUAE.

How much does this cost, and would I have to get my own CPU?

If you want to buy such a card, you must buy the CPU yourself.

I understand that this might be a little premature, but is there any schedule for or information on the Warp 4060 for those of us with big box machines 3000/4000?

It will rise this year [2020], but it will also be without a CPU.

Can the Warp 560 be used in an A/B2000 without any modification?

No; we do not have an Amiga 2000 and we did not design for this model. I know it works [video clips: 1 | 2 | 3], but it is necessary to modify the fitter on an Amiga PCB.

What is the state of the STM32's P96 drivers? For example, does it offload blitter-like work to the STM32 or does that depend on the 68060? Other than MP3 is there anything else that the STM32 can offload and is there any API on how users can access the ARM core from the 68060?

STM32 does not support graphics; only FPGA in it is a hardware blitter; STM32 - audio decoder, USB controller, SD controller (in this form it is only an additional specialized chip). There is only a library for static tasks this system performs. You cannot write your own programs for STM32. Code is static!!

Is the API at all like the A314 and/or UAE?


Does USB handle both low and full-speed mice?

USB 1.1 Full Speed 12 Mb/s (1.5 MB/s). Theoretically, we plan to use a faster USB interface in the Warp 4060.

How fast is the internal FastIDE?

Up to 10MB/s—if we write our own device for this port it will be a bit faster; so far it's Gayle emulation.

What is the eventual hope for the USB ports? Will they be able to connect to almost any USB device?

We only plan the necessary devices: mouse/keyboard/pendrive; maybe a gamepad.

From Amitopia's Questions and Answers with the Unique Warp Team (September 29, 2019)

Will Warp accelerators come out for Amiga 2000?

I don't know how big the interest of A2000 owners will be; maybe we can create a Warp 560 adapter.

Are there any plans to support Draco systems?

We do not have the Draco system. We have nothing to test on this, I can't say anything about it.

I am about to get a 1200 and fit Warp card in, would it work smoothly with OctaMED Soundstudio?

I've never played with multi-channel sound, I don't know how aggressive it is for the MC68060. The music card will support AHI driver. Does such sound use AHI?

Will the USB driver be included or is it using the Poseidon thing?

The additional device on Warp cards is already pre-enabled. Now you will need to connect them to the Amiga system. Will the USB port use the Poseidon Stack? We haven't talked about the license for this stack with the owner yet, it all depends on the price and the possibility of software connection. At the beginning we want USB to support (mouse/keyboard/mass storage) USB speed on the Warp card is 12 Mbit (about 1 MB/s) so it is not a speed demon. In the Warp 4060 card, it will probably be a much faster port.

Would you know if this is a good recap from the pics? Will you do recapping of Amiga 1200s together with getting a Warp 1260 package?

Unfortunately, our old Amiga computers require so little work after so many years to return to full efficiency. Only such preparation of the computer will allow the cards to work correctly (stable). It may also be necessary to change the power supply or replace the capacitors with new ones. I think there are many electricians around the world who can do such services. The CS-LAB company does not have enough time for such treatments.

How are you sourcing your 060 chips? And is there an FPU and MMU on the board?

Currently, processors are available only at online auctions and in US and China warehouses. We have about 50 pcs MC68060 rev. 6 and several dozen sent by people interested in cards. For the card, the full version of the MC68060 is most recommended—it's a shame to solder a weak processor to such a strong card.

When? Price? Case?

The price will be revealed at the Amiga 34 Event. Then the availability will be released after all of the most important tests are done.

How will the RTG part of the card work? Will you use P96 or CyberGraphX for it?

The card supports P96 drivers, each user is obliged to buy the driver himself (read: iComp confirms ownership of P96).

AHI for sound? What sort of driver will be used for sound? Will I be able to use many channels while tracking?

An AHI driver for the card will be written.

What sort of connectors is on the card? I see WiFi. Will Roadshow 68k be compatible with it?

Connector CompactFlash card, UEXT. Audio for connecting the original Amiga card to the cards and audio output from the sound card, sampler stereo input. Video port for connecting an internal scan doubler (only our production) 2 x USB (500mA), HD video port.