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Note: Lukas (mntmn) is aware of all of these; any bug fixes will be listed explicitly in the change logs.

[Possible Explanation] Split screen with Video Toaster

Source(s): my_pc_is_amiga (IRC/#mnt-amiga)

Status: Possible Explanation

Note(s): my_pc_is_amiga: "I took out the ZZ9000 and put in a PicassoIV card to compare. PicassoIV does work with the Toaster. However, I have to start the Toaster in Amiga video mode for it to come up properly and not corrupting the Workbench screen. If in RTG mode (P96) on Workbench, the screen gets corrupted. This is a different effect than what I saw in the ZZ9000 of the split screen. The split screen seemed to happen even when I was in Amiga graphic mode in Workbench on the ZZ9000.

"There is this mention: "The Toaster removes a sync signal from the Amiga video port which is not used by a single scan monitor such as the 1080/1084 series, but is required by multiscan monitors.""

[Workaround] Red/stuck screen on warm reboot

Source(s): Francois (twitter)

Status: Workaround as of firmware/drivers v1.7.0.

Note(s): Francois: "It happens after a soft reset." [Original link]

[How-To] Activate the ZZ9000 on AmigaOS 4.1 F.E.

Source(s): dev74.com (website)

Status: How-To

Note(s): How to use the ZZ9000 on systems running AmigaOS 4.1 F.E.: ZZ9000 works fine also on Amiga OS4.1 FE with PowerPC !

[Fixed/Workaround] ZZ9000 clashes on Amigas using the Prometheus PCI Zorro III card

Source(s): trixster (IRC/#mnt-amiga)

Status: Fixed/Workaround

Note(s): Possible fix/workaround for Prometheus owners: Having a second Zorro card installed in any Zorro III slot may well 'fix' the issue. Any other Zorro card in combination with the ZZ9000 makes—or should make—it work in an Amiga 4000 with a Prometheus PCI Zorro III card.

Note that the Prometheus has a "Swap Config" jumper that determines the order of memory allocation for Zorro and PCI cards, so its open or closed state might affect the Mediator's interaction with the ZZ9000 and other Zorro cards (or the absence of other Zorro cards).

[Fixed/Addressed] Interrupt conflict between ZZ9000's LAN and X-Surf-100

Source(s): Jope, FranciscoJr (English Amiga Board)

Status: Fixed/Addressed as of firmware v1.6.2/drivers v1.6

Lukas (via 1.6.2 firmware change log): "Fixes to network driver including the possibility of switching to INT2 instead of INT6 in the event you have hardware conflicts. To do this, set the interrupt jumper on ZZ9000 to INT2 and create an empty file ENVARC:ZZ9K_INT2."

Jope: "...the X-Surf 100 + RapidRoad combo can't coexist with the ZZ9000 LAN. There is an interrupt conflict." [source link] ... It shows in the way that the zz9000net will not really receive packets when the X-Surf 100 is plugged in to the same machine. I didn't bother checking whether it was the X-Surf or the RapidRoad that was conflicting, I just pulled the X-Surf out and zz9000net started working for me."" [source link]

FranciscoJr: "ZZ9000.net only works if the X-Surf 100 is not plugged in to the same machine. But X-Surf 100 works fine with ZZ9000 plugged. Using Roadshow TCP/IP stack. This is a known issue, and perhaps it will be fixed next firmware, as informed by Lukas Hartmann."

[Fixed] Swapped Hi-res pixels

Source(s): Ravi Abbott (YouTube), gdonner (IRC/#mnt-amiga)

Status: Fixed as of firmware/drivers v1.5

Note(s): Lukas: "There is a "swapped Hi-res pixels" bug in the scandoubler that happens for about 10% of cold starts."

[Fixed] Batch 1 cards: tight fit in Amiga 4000s

Source(s): Lukas, various batch 1 owners

Status: Fixed as of batch 2 (and later) cards

Note(s): Batch 1 ZZ9000 cards may be a tight fit in your Amiga 4000 (noticeable card bowing in above photo), but they should go in; just be as careful as you can. Lukas has noted that this issue was resolved in batch 2 (and later) cards ("...and will have a slightly improved mechanical fit for easier installation"), and will fit (albeit tightly) in the Checkmate A1500 plus case.

[Partial Fix] Pixel trail

Source(s): hUMUNGUs (IRC/#mnt-amiga), ProfPlum (English Amiga Board)

Status: Partially fixed in v1.4b; pixel trails on the mouse are gone, but there are still pixels on Workbench windows and dropdowns.

Note(s): Using Zorro III firmware leaves a trail of pixels all over the place when moving the mouse. The same thing happens with drop down menus—most of the pixels from the window stay behind. The pixel trail issue also affects the A2000 with TF534 and hangs the system. Temporary (albeit slow) workaround: Use the Zorro II firmware.

Lukas: "This is a bus timing/loading issue, might be '030 related, might not be. This will take a bit of time as I have to repair my A3000, etc."

Passive HDMI to VGA converters fail to work

Source(s): ugreen (IRC/#mnt-amiga)

Status: unknown

Note(s): Passive (non-powered) HDMI to VGA converters don't work. However, ugreen reports that at least one active/powered one works (Claude tested this).

NTSC screens: bottom garbage, vertically squashed; fuzzy on A2000 HDMI output

Source(s): _Bnu, gdonner (IRC/#mnt-amiga); ProfPlum (English Amiga Board)

Status: unknown

Note(s): There appears to be some kind of issue(s) related to 1.3c firmware and NTSC mode (PAL modes don't seem to be affected). Some still occurs during bootup with firmware/drivers 1.5.1 (Amiga 4000). Amiga passthrough video (e.g. Amiga Early Startup) comes through, but may be vertically squashed a bit. Amiga 2000 NTSC screens are also fuzzy on the HDMI output.

Lukas: "The garbage at the bottom is leftover content in the framebuffer that doesn't get cleared. The NTSC image has less lines than the actual screen resolution; the NTSC screens are completely captured, but the screen just doesn't "end" at the right line."

"Red or blue screen"


Source(s): punk_ (IRC/#mnt-amiga)

Status: unknown

Note(s): A phenomenon called the "red or blue screen." At the time of writing (Sep. 20, 2019), Lukas had not yet been able to trigger it.

Squashed boot menu screen (NTSC to PAL switching)

Source(s): _Bnu (IRC/#mnt-amiga)

Status: unknown

Note(s): _Bnu: "It would need a 640x400 or 720x400 mode over HDMI to scale cleanly to. The card is aware, so it could probably be handled on the ZZ9000 side; the question is just how cooperative monitors would be with those resolutions. They're both somewhat standard DOS resolutions. I usually end up with really crappy cropping when I use those resolutions over VGA, but it might be fine over DVI."

USB only accepts 4 GB

Source(s): FranciscoJr (English Amiga Board)

Status: unknown

Note(s): "Did not like the USB connection. Accepts only 4 GB. And it is not so fast. Needs a driver for Poseidon. RapidRoad is much better than this. Perhaps with next firmwares it will be better than now. Could not transfer 128 MB 32-bits Fast RAM from ZZ9000 to Amiga. This could be set manually or automatically, like as done in the Elbox Mediator. Waiting for a solution from MNT." [source link]