ZZ9000 Compendium

Much more than a modern Amiga graphics card
Compiled by a ZZ9000 owner and enthusiast

Updated: July 14, 2021 | ZZ9000 is 2019-2021 MNT Research GmbH

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Requirements / Compatibility

• AmigaOS 3.1 (Kickstart and Workbench) or later, though using AmigaOS 3.2 is a wise step, since it fixes numerous bugs and issues.
• A 68020 or higher.
• Amiga with Zorro II or III slots: Amiga 2000/2500, Amiga 3000(T), Amiga 4000(T). It is unknown how the ZZ9000 performs in systems with third-party daughterboards (e.g. Elbox, RBM, Eagle, etc.).

Also, Lukas does not know how (or if) the Super Buster revision 11 chip (Zorro III Amigas only) impacts the ZZ9000's operation/performance. Any specific issues remain to be seen.

Quoting from IComp's website:

"The latest revision of the Buster chip corrects a number of bugs that are present in the -7 and -9 revisions. A must-have for owners of A3000, A4000 and respective tower versions."

(These rev. 11 Super Buster chips may be available from AnalogicComputers (eBay seller), AmigaKit, and Individual Computers.)