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Compiled by a ZZ9000 owner and enthusiast

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ZZ9000AX audio module | ZZ9500CX interposer PCB | ZZ9000 Heatsink

ZZ9000AX audio module

  • SigmaDSP© processor. [source]
  • Will support AHI and mixing in Amiga-native Paula audio (see PCB labeling in image below). [source]
  • Mix audio from other audio sources by using the pin headers on the card. [source]
  • Confirmed to work with the first batch (Rev. 1) ZZ9000 cards (so will work with all ZZ9000 revisions). [source]
  • Will include an output bracket. [source]
  • Intended as an expansion for the MNT ZZ9000 Amiga graphics/network card, but could be used as a building block in other audio projects as well. [source]

ZZ9500CX interposer PCB

Important: To use the ZZ9000 with an Amiga 500, you will need a Zorro II adapter like Rob Cranley's Z-500 or the Checkmate 1500 Zorro adapter.

A little interposer PCB that plugs into the Denise socket of your Amiga 500 (or other custom Amiga), and Denise then goes into ZZ9500CX's socket in turn.

The digital video output of Denise will then be available on the IDC Socket which you can connect to the ZZ9000 to gain scandoubler functionality on Amigas that have no video slot.

Warning: For advanced users only. Requires opening your Amiga and replacing a socketed chip, which can lead to damage if done improperly.

If you want to use this with your existing ZZ9000, please put the Amiga 500 firmware (BOOT.BIN) on the ZZ9000's microSD card for correct operation.

ZZ9000 Heatsink (ZYNQ chip)

To ensure a long life for your ZZ9000, use this highly recommended add-on.

LTN20069 is a passive heatsink for the ZZ9000's main ZYNQ chip:

The exact model is Vakefield-Vette LTN20069. If you're not in Europe, you might be able to get it cheaper from other distributors.

Pre-Release Firmware 1.7.0 Beta 1 includes temperature monitoring, also available to the Amiga side.


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