What's New?

The last 10 updates are listed below. Please note that all changes/updates to the 630i Collective are noted on this page.

  • November 4, 2021 - ZZ9000 Compendium: Added two new bug reports to the Support / Troubleshooting page: PAL-NTSC screen jumping/switching on Amiga 2000s (with rev. 6.2 and original PSU only) -and- a firmware 1.9.1 issue involving a split screen on the flickerfixer, when switching between RTG and flickerfixer.

  • October 9, 2021 - ZZ9000 Compendium: The latest firmware and driver version, released Oct. 8, 2021, for all ZZ9000-supported Amigas is 1.9.1. See the Updates page for more details.

  • October 7, 2021 - ZZ9000 Compendium: The latest firmware and driver version, released Oct. 6, 2021, for all ZZ9000-supported Amigas is 1.9. See the Updates page for more details.

  • September 25, 2021 - GVP-M 4060/2060: The A4000 G-Force 040 40 User's Guide is now available from the Documentation page. Note that the key parts of the Addendum from pages 3 and 4 have been merged into the User's Guide.
  • August 17, 2021 - ZZ9000 Compendium: Updated the Add-Ons page with the latest image and official feature list of the SigmaDSP©-based ZZ9000AX audio module. There is a limited batch 1 presale starting on 2021-08-17 with a lower introductory price. It is estimated to ship in December 2021.

  • July 21, 2021 - Warp 4060: - Warp Firmware (and software) Pack v1.200 from CS-Lab is now available for download, along with an updated version of the Warp Quickstart Guide. Thanks to Sellen (software) and Cizar (hardware) for their hard work!

  • July 14, 2021 - ZZ9000 Compendium: Added news of the new SigmaDSP©-based ZZ9000AX audio module coming soon; also added it to the Add-Ons page, and updated the Features page.

  • July 12, 2021 - Warp 4060: Amiga Tests YT channel author just posted yet another video showing the upcoming (summer 2021?) v1.200 firmware update from CS-Lab (superseding v1.100). New firmware features include:

    • USB mass storage drive support via warpUSBDrive.device v1.1 [source]
      • Read and write FAT32-formatted memory sticks. [source 1m 26s]
      • Uses DMA. [source 1m 26s]
      • Minimal CPU overhead when copying files: ~6-7% usage.
      • Boot from any USB mass storage device.
      • DEVS:DOSDrivers/WUSB [screenshot]
    • MicroSD: FAT32 support.

  • June 27, 2021 - Warp 4060: Moved the "Specifications / Performance" section to the new "Benchmarks" page, and added new P96Speed tests; many thanks to Peter of the CS-Lab WARP Discord channel for these results! Also made some minor cleanups and did some reorganization.
  • June 11, 2021 - Warp 4060: Amiga Tests YT channel author just posted a video showing the upcoming (late June/early July) firmware update v1.100 from CS-Lab. He states:
    "Something we Warp users have been waiting for—new firmware! There are so many changes and features in this update that it is simply amazing. Totally new warpSD.device introduces the ability to format a microSD card with the Amiga file systems like FFS, PFS3, and others. What's more, the Amiga can now boot from a microSD card, and the transfers on the card are incredibly fast at insanely low CPU usage! Find out more in the video."
    Michael Bergseth of Amitopia.com Michal Bergseth (of Amitopia) recently clarified its release date: summer 2021.

    As reported by Amiga Tests, new features are:

    • MicroSD can be formatted as FFS, PFS3 and others.
    • Amiga can boot from microSD.
    • Transfer speeds up to 20 MB/s!
    • Very low CPU usage while accessing the microSD.
    • 224 MB Fast RAM!
    • MicroSD is PCMCIA-friendly.
    • Combination of microSD and Warp IDE CF ... or microSD and Amiga internal IDE can be used simultaneously.