Workbench Beta (Gamma) 1.2, (Kickstart 1.2)
Beta phase: 1985-1986
  • Beta 2: ?
  • Gamma 1: Mid October 1986
Example diskettes:



Hidden message(s):

  1. Commodore used 5.25-inch floppy diskettes (see above) in the 1.2 cross development process.
  2. LocalH discovered a mention of Gamma 1 in Amazing Computing (1986: volume 1, issue 9, magazine page 87). It reads:

    AmigaDOS 1.2 developer updates

    AmigaDOS version 1.2, gamma 1, number 33.44 was shipped to developers in mid October. It was a seven disk set.

    Some developers have reported strange lock-ups with this version, especially when initializing disks. Hopefully, the release version will be truly free of strange bugs.

    This was the last free update to today's developers. Commodore-Amiga will be switching to a new developer support plan. Future updates will be available for a price. The details of this plan haven't been released yet, but the bug report sheets for the gamma 1 release off a dollar credit reward to developers who report true bugs in this version.