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Updates: May 23, 2024

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Why these pages?

Many years ago, I bought a GVP-m A2060 for my Amiga 2500. Shortly after installing it, I had read/write errors on my hard drive, it wouldn't boot-up, etc. After numerous checks for bad termination or loose connections, I finally sent my Amiga 2500 to Software Hut to see if they could straighten it out.

Their technician, Chris Smith, spent a good deal of time trying to get it to work, but was only temporarily successful, since shortly after I got it back, it was up to its usual read/write and "tekscsi2.device" errors. I finally gave up, returned the card for a refund, and put my old Commodore A2630 accelerator back in which worked fine.

Then on June 9, 1999, I bought a refurbished Amiga 4000 (desktop reconfigured in a Power Tower case) from Software Hut that came installed with a GVP-m T-Rex II A4060DT accelerator.

Although that Amiga kicked the bucket around 2003, I now own another Amiga 4000 with an A3660; waiting for the TF4060 and Warp 4060 cards.

This page continues as an effort to provide users of GVP-m T-Rex II (A4060DT), T-Rex (G-Force 040-40), TekMagic 2060 and 'cousin' cards—which were also designed by Jeff Boyer—with as many resources and answers as possible.