AmigaOS 3.9 Review (cont.)

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A basic CD player, PlayCD (v45.9) uses a custom set of IFF files for its interface (different from that of AMPlifier, which uses WinAMP skins). However, there are additional third-party skins available for download (shown in screenshot). The snapshot here shows its capability (programmable/repeatable/random track selection). New in Boing Bag 2: PlayCD now supports CD information retrieval from the Internet's CDDB (CD DataBase) via the new included cddb.library.

ScreenMode prefs (v45.4) now offers a 'Test' button with a new test screen image and a ten-second timeout in case the screen doesn't appear correctly.

Palette prefs (v44.16) uses a licensed version of Stephan Rupprecht's colorwheel.gadget and gradientslider.gadget to improved effect for those with 24-bit graphics cards.

Although Martin Blom is still working on the latest release of AHI (v5.3), it is completely functional and includes a ReAction preferences editor for setting up AHI to your tastes. Martin Blom has also released a fix for the clicking problem in AHI. AHI v5 currently resides in the 'Contributions' drawer due to its incomplete state.

If you've ever used Directory Opus, you'll know what DefIcons does. Simply put, DefIcons (v45.13) identifies—using a very powerful identification system—each file when you open a drawer or disk window, and attaches the correct icon to it if one is not already provided. A double-click on a properly configured filetype allows the correct application or function to be launched, saving a lot of time and headache. Setting the default application you want launched is a simple matter of entering the application's path into the 'Default Tool' string gadget of each icon's Information window. DefIcons comes with a comprehensive (read: huge) set of preconfigured filetypes and matching icons, so you don't have to spend hours of your time doing it yourself.

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