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Abr. Expanded Comment
S-s Startup-sequence The Startup-sequence file in SYS:S/ contains AmigaDOS comands that load the Amiga software and handle various hardware and software setup tasks. It is run every time you boot your Amiga. You shouldn't make changes to this file unless it is really necessary.
U-S User-startup The User-startup file in SYS:S/ contains your own customized configurations, resident commands, and directory assignments. If it exists, it is automatically run by the S-s.
W-S WBStartup A drawer provided on SYS: to hold icons for programs that you want opened at the time Workbench is started.
RTG ReTargetable Graphics Usually a software driver kit for a graphic chipset; mostly for graphic cards, but not necessarily (there's a CyberGraphX v3 AGA driver set for PowerPC Amigas [Tony])
P96 Picasso96 Shareware RTG software kit
CGX CyberGraphX Commercial RTG software kit (v3 is free, v4 is commercial) [Robert Reisweig]
HDD Hard Disk Drive (self-explanatory)
RDB Rigid Disk Block The first few blocks of a HDD which contain the vital information for the drive; e.g. partition(s), filesystem(s)
NSD New Style Device See the Disk and File Operation page for details
FFS Fast File System The standard Amiga filesystem. The OS 3.5 version is v45. Note: "TD64" FFS v44 is a patched v40 and is not an official update! [Heinz Wrobel]
PFS Professional File System A commercial third party filesystem, not compatible with FFS
SFS Smart File System A currently freeware third party filesystem, not compatible with FFS