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Installation Tips

(Note: this page was adapted from the original Amiga Inc.© OS 3.5 FAQ)


The first step is to make a backup copy of your system partition.

As OS 3.5 requires 20MB of free HDD space, you may need to increase the size of your system partition in order to install OS 3.5.

As your Amiga boots up, the S:Startup-Sequence and S:User-Startup scripts are executed. If you have patches or non-system programs called in these script files we recommend that you deactivate them first (place a semi-colon in front of the line you want to disable).

68040 or 68060.library

If you want to install OS 3.5 on a new HDD, you will need to install OS 3.1 on it first (you will find OS 3.1 on the OS 3.5 CD-ROM). Please note that you might need a special 68040.library and/or 68060.library to boot up your system. Please use the original one(s) that came with your accelerator card.

The best way to do this is to create an emergency disk first (this is one of the first options available in the Install screen). This disk will then contain the appropriate CPU libraries as well as the graphics card drivers, and you can boot your system and begin the installation.


Q: I get an error message that states: "You must have at least 10MB of free space on your boot partition." I have 15MB free HDD space, yet the installation is still cancelled.

A: This is an error in the installation script; 20MB of free disk space on your boot partition is required. Please set up the boot partition respectively or delete some files, such as:

  • Patches
  • Icons
  • NewIcons
  • MagicWB SetPatch

SetPatch (which is run from the Startup-sequence) fixes many well-known problems in the OS. Beginning with OS 3.5 it also replaces the drivers for the control of the internal SCSI and IDE hardware of different models. These new drivers permit the operation of fixed HDD's with a capacity greater than 4GB.

There are problems with some Amiga 3000 models and 4x extension cards for IDE. If you have such a setup, you should change the Startup-sequence line SetPatch is on to the following:

C:SetPatch QUIET SKIPROMUPDATES "scsi.device"

Please bear in mind that OS 3.5 does not have native support for the popular 4x extension cards for IDE. Please use the same software that you've been using.

If you still have problems starting OS 3.5, rename the file "DEVS:AmigaOS ROM Update". This way the replacement modules are completely omitted.

SetPatch with NewStyleDevice Patch

The program SetPatch extends many well-known hardware drivers with new features. In addition, it uses a configuration file "DEVS:NSDPatch.cfg". We have heard about a conflict between the hardware driver 'cd.device' (which is part of the OS) and a 'cd.device' of an unknown manufacturer. If you are using such a cd.device and are having trouble, deactivate the appropriate line in DEVS:NSDPatch.cfg. Do this by placing a # in front of the line with a text editor.


If you've already extended your Startup-sequence with the command "LoadV43Module" (or something similar) to operate fixed HDD's bigger than 4GB you should delete this line. SetPatch now handles these functions.


OS 3.5 comes with a new icon.library. This library is responsible for the administration and representation of all the icons. Many users installed "NewIcons", a patch that improves the look of icons. This task is now handled by the new icon.library. You can now delete the calls of the NewIcon patch(es) from your Startup-sequence or User-startup files.

The new program IconEdit can be used to transform NewIcons into genuine OS 3.5 icons. It is not necessary in order to display NewIcons on Workbench, but it speeds up their rendering.

Fuel Gauge

OS 3.5 offers a fuel gauge for fixed disks on the left side of a window—like it was in OS 1.3. There are many existing patches that do the same; if you're using any, we recommend you remove them.


ARQ (a patch to improve system requesters) caused problems on some OS 3.1 systems; with OS 3.5, it seems to affect even more systems. Therefore we do not recommend using this patch.


If you want to continue using MagicWB icons, then you will still need to run a patch which reserves the color pens. Otherwise the icons will be displayed with incorrect colors.

FastIPrefs/borders around icons can not be switched off

If you are using the program FastIPrefs, then you should replace it with IPrefs. The new version of IPrefs that comes with OS 3.5 supports new features that OS 3.1 does not. It also supports some of the options of FastIPrefs and eliminates some known bugs.

No Glow Icons after installation

If Glow Icons are not displayed after installation, then this is because of an error in your file system. There is a updated version of SmartFileSystem that fixes this, but with the current version of PFS3 our tool that replaces the icons (MergeIcons) will be unable to locate any files to replace. In this case you either have to replace them manually or wait for the update.

Picasso96, CyberGraphX, and RTG

OS 3.5 supports the ReTargetable Graphics driver software CyberGraphX and Picasso96. For CyberGraphX v3 operation however, it is necessary that you install the update provided on the OS 3.5 CD-ROM.

Owners of CyberGraphX v4.0 of CyberGraphX can download the free v4.1 update from Aminet (biz/patch/cgxv42_r1.lha) or from the homepage of Schatztruhe ("Free Updates").

HDD partition disappeared

In the event that some HDD partitions disappear or you find that you can't use disk space over 4GB, your device will have to be specified for the NSDPatch.cfg file. Open the file "DEVS:NSDPatch.cfg" with a text editor (e.g. EditPad), look for the corresponding device, and remove the comment symbol # at the beginning of that line.

For cybppc.device you must insert the following line:

9-15, 20-28, 33-39, 41-44, 46-49, 51-72 TD64

Save your work and reboot your Amiga. After your Amiga has finished loading, please check to see if it worked by opening the Shell and enter the command:

SetPatch PatchInfo

Watch the list for your device and verify that -Patch count- is bigger than 0.

Now you should be able to use your HDD in its entirety.


The installation procedure of OS 3.5 automatically deactivates all datatypes. After the installation you can reactive them. Unfortunately the binary.datatype is not compatible with OS 3.5. This datatype is a bit special because it does not need a description in DEVS:Datatypes. The simple existence of the datatype in SYS:Classes/Datatypes/ is sufficient to activate it. If you notice crashes while displaying unknown files with Multiview you should ensure that there is no "binary.datatype" file in your SYS:Classes/Datatypes/ drawer.

SKIPROMMODULES (error in the manual)

The install documentation incorrectly describes how to switch off the new SCSI device. The correct command line option is:


Renaming the file to: "DEVS:AmigaOS 3.5 ROM Update" (note the "3.5") does the same thing.

System crashes when opening a drawer on Workbench

This problem seems to occur with the original PicassoII software installed. Please install either the CyberGraphX or Picasso96 drivers that come on the OS 3.5 CD-ROM.

Prefs programs can not be started

This is caused by an old ClassAct version in your LIBS: drawer. Please check for any Boopsi classes in the LIBS:Classes drawer and remove them. Please reboot your system and try again. There may also be a drawer called SYS:ClassAct that should be removed as well.

Wordworth 7

Wordworth 7 does not start because of a misinterpretation of the icon information. Click the Wordworth icon and select "Icons/Information" from the Workbench menu. Change the setting of "start from:" from "ARexx" to "Workbench". Wordworth will now run again. This effect seems to happen with AGA screens only. On OCS/ECS and graphics cards this does not happen.

Solution: load the button graphics with a graphics program or Multiview and save them.