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Abr. Expanded Comment
RTG ReTargetable Graphics Usually a software driver kit for a graphic chipset; mostly for graphic cards, but not necessarily (there's a CyberGraphX v3 AGA driver set for PowerPC Amigas [Tony])
P96 Picasso96 Shareware RTG software kit
CGX CyberGraphX Commercial RTG software kit (v3 is free, v4 is commercial) [Robert Reisweig]
HDD Hard Disk Drive (self-explanatory)
RDB Rigid Disk Block The first few blocks of a HDD which contain the vital information for the drive; e.g. partition(s), filesystem(s)
NSD New Style Device See the Disk & File Operation page for details
FFS Fast File System The standard Amiga filesystem. The OS 3.5 version is v45. Note: "TD64" FFS v44 is a patched v40 and is not an official update! [Heinz Wrobel]
PFS Professional File System A commercial third party filesystem, not compatible with FFS
SFS Smart File System A currently freeware third party filesystem, not compatible with FFS