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Jeff Boyer, Ralph Babel, and GVP / GVP-m

Jeff Boyer - According to his resume, worked for GVP from 1989 to 1998. Darren Eveland notes on comp.sys.amiga.misc (August 8, 2000) that he designed both the GVP-m '060 and QuikPak cards.

The GVP-m A4060 accelerator card was indeed designed by Jeff Boyer, as Olaf Barthel explains:

"He designed the DMA controller Commodore would use in all SCSI/XT hardware up to and including the A3000. He also was Commodore's SCSI guru until he left to join GVP-m. Here again he was responsible for the data storage products and the accelerator cards. The GVP-m A4060 was his last feat, which draws upon the earlier 68040 designs he did for GVP-m."

Where is Jeff Boyer today? If his resume and/or LinkedIn info (additional link) is still current, he's owner and president of Tekmagic, Inc. in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania:

Tekmagic, Inc.
441 Highspire Rd
Glenmoore, PA 19343

Ralph Babel - Wrote the original GVP-m 68060.library (v1.2), and the only modifications made to it by Jeff Boyer (which resulted in v2.2) were the patching of the copyright string and the commenting out of the NoBypass mask-bug workaround. In 2018, Ralph also updated the original GVP-m 68060.library file to 2.3 (the primary fix identifies the Rev. 5 68060's Load/Store Buffer Bypass bug, and disables the mode).

GVP / GVP-m - (source: Amiga Hardware Database)