What's New?

The last 10 updates are listed below. Please note that all changes/updates to the 630i Collective are noted on this page.

  • April 30, 2021 - GVP-M 4060/2060: [Please note that the new info from vannysue_6 hasn't yet been updated/added in the PDF documents. I'll post those in the near future.] Thanks to photos sent to me by eBay seller vannysue_6, complete T-Rex II Jumpers and Definitions (four pages, including a silkscreen closeup) and the A4000 G-Force 040 User's Guide Addendum (also four pages) are now available from the Documentation page. Many, many thanks to vannysue_6 for this very hard-to-find info! Also newly added is the elusive QuikPak A4KT.Install disk (in ADF format) to the Downloads page, thanks to darrenhd's excellent Quikpak 68060 Information page. Last but not least, added some new GVP accelerator-related links to the Links page, including a superbly done, detailed review of the TekMagic 4060T aka Ultrasound accelerator by jack-3D of jack.untergrund.net. A lot of rare info here—thanks Jack!
  • March 15, 2021 - Warp 4060: Sellen posted this reply to an Amiga user on the CS-Lab blog (reply no. 3):
    "Hi Roland, Currently we're preparing units for people who already sent CPU to us. In the meantime I hope to have e-shop running on this address. If not I'll let you know that production is ramping up and people interested in purchasing card should send their CPUs to CS-Lab s.c. We'll be in touch. :) — Sellen"
  • March 14, 2021 - Warp 4060: An update from Sellen (photos along with the text below) was just posted to their blog:
    "Hi, a long time has passed since the last news from us. Unfortunately, communication isn't my best side, sorry for that. We have a lot of work currently in our company, and this all situation with covid doesn't help either. Cizar was sick, but finally, he's fine now. We have ~50pcs 68060 CPU currently from people willing to buy a Warp board and 100pcs of Warp1260 PCBs (50 assembled, 50 partially assembled). We'll confirm orders, ask for a payment, and these units will be shipped. I hope that we'll be able to ramp up this production finally. I still didn't have time to finish a new website with an e-shop, but I think that I outsource this to another company to make this work in some reasonable time because it is not looking that in an upcoming couple of months I'll be able to find some time for this. The new website will be at the same address http://amigawarp.eu when it is ready. Stay tuned. I know that this all is going very slow, but the project is definitely not dead. Below are some photos from the current production batch and test rig."
  • March 9, 2021 - Warp 4060: Many small corrections have been made, and extra details/information have been added to the Specifications page—too many to list individually. The details have been gleaned from the Polish Amiga forum "Polski Portal Amigowy" where Cizar (and occasionally, Sellen) has shared a substantial amount of detail about Warp card development since its inception in 2018. The forum thread in particular is the "New Turbo A1200 / 060 - Warp 1260". The site is, of course, in Polish so some web translation may be required.
  • February 25, 2021 - Warp 4060: Yesterday (February 24th), Michal Bergseth of Amitopia posted an update regarding the CS-Lab's ongoing development of the Warp 3060/4060. Of special note is the following statement:

    "The Warp4060 card for Amiga 4000 will be an improved version over the Warp1260 for Amiga 1200 and Warp560 for Amiga 500 as it is possible to fit more on the card."

    CS-Lab previously noted that they were thinking of using at least USB v2.0 in the Warp 3060/4060 (as opposed to USB v1.1 in the Warp 560 and 1260 cards), but this statement indicates one or more new features could very well be implemented. Time will tell!
  • February 12, 2021 - Warp 4060: Added a link to a brief video of beta tester Dawid Dorian playing Doom II via a PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller connected to his Warp 1260-equipped Amiga 1200. What's allowing it to work? Either it's a new, as yet unreleased, firmware version from CS-Lab, or firmware v1.008 (released June 6, 2020) has hidden wireless game controller functionality in it, as neither firmware 1.007 nor 1.008 lists USB game controller functionality in their change logs.
  • January 4, 2021 - ZZ9000 Compendium: The latest (stable) firmware and driver version for all ZZ9000-supported Amigas is 1.8. The ZZTop tool hasn't changed since 1.1 Beta and can also be used with all ZZ9000-supported Amiga models. Enhancements in v1.8:
    • Split Screen / Screen Dragging Support (Requires P96 3.0 or later) (Beta).
    • Adds 256 MB AutoConfigTM Fast RAM on Zorro III machines.
    • Accelerated drawing operations are now flushed in vertical blanks.
    • Fixes spurious one-line wraparound at start/end of screen.
    • Fixes compatibility with some displays vs 1.8-beta1 (sync pulses).

  • December 9, 2020 - Warp 4060: Cleaned up and corrected various details on multiple pages, and made several additions:
    • Main page: Added an interesting note from Warp card beta tester Retrocengo regarding a firmware update [from CS-Lab] "...with all the goodies on the way—and I know they're on the way..." (though no specific release date was given). Also added a May 27th blog note from CS-Lab that I had previously missed.
    • Images page: Added a photo from November 27th showing several stacks of Warp 1260 boards in production, thanks to Amiga user "Jope" and the Commodore Amiga FB page (where CS-Lab has been posting news and photos lately).

  • November 17, 2020 - Warp 4060: As noted by CS-Lab, the prototype Warp 4060 (now called the "Warp 3060/4060") is now 'visible'(!) and at least four boards are being assembled, presumably for beta testers. The new "Warp CDTV-60" (a Warp '060 accelerator for the CDTV) is also functional with at least four boards in assembly for beta testing. Photos of both these boards (from CS-Lab's Facebook page) are in the newly-added Images page for those of us who aren't on Facebook. Of special note is that both accelerator boards have a socketed 68060.
  • October 2, 2020 - ZZ9000 Compendium: 1.7.0 Beta 3 (Amiga 2000 and 500/500+ only!) of the latest (pre-release) firmware update, is now available. New features in Beta 3:
    • Fixes AutoConfigTM with Kickstart 1.3 and in turn makes the ZZ9000 scandoubler compatible with Kickstart 1.3.
    • Fixes compatibility with the TerribleFire TF536 (and possibly other models) accelerator. This requires Kickstart 2.0+ to work (3.0+ for RTG)! The TF536 does not currently support Zorro enumeration with Kickstart 1.3.