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Known Bugs

If you are aware of a bug in 3.9, contact me. Please keep bug reports as short and definitive as possible. Thanks!

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printer.device (v44.39): Didier Levet, 21.12.2000 Status: Items 1 & 2: reported
  • Any error code returned by ped_Init() is ignored.
  • The aSFC command is translated to aRIN (the DoSpecial() function gets the aRIN command with the correct color parameter).
Comment(s): none
Mounter (v44.17): Albrecht Kinzkofer, 22.12.2000 Status: Items 1 & 2: reported
  • Incorrectly mounts all unmounted partitions of a hard disk when only one unmounted partition is selected for being mounted.
  • Double-clicking on a hard drive to check partition sizes completely fails to report the right sizes.
Comment(s): (Item 2): Mounter is compiled with SAS/C, which has no support for 64-bit arithmetic. The source of Mounter to workaround this problem still seems to have a bug. [Markus Poellman]
AMPlifier (v2.21): Albrecht Kinzkofer, 22.12.2000 Status: unknown
Balance logic seems inverted (left/right is swapped); or possibly right/left channel is swapped in general and balance works OK. Another bug is low volume in one channel. [I can personally confirm this last bug. - Greg] Comment(s): none
Printer drivers: Gregory Donner, 23.12.2000 Status: Interim fix
The newest printer drivers on the OS 3.9 CD (in AmigaOS3.9:OS-Version3.9/Workbench3.9/Storage/Printers/) have known bugs in them (one such bug is the full text of a page being printed in about a 1/4 inch strip in the top margin). See the Install Tips section, entry 4, for information on a working set of printers drivers you can use until these bugs are dealt with. Comment(s): the faulty printer drivers on the OS 3.9 CD have been replaced by the original 3.5 drivers (until a good solution has been found)
L:CacheCDFS (v42.19): Michael Merkel, 23.12.2000 Status: reported
CacheCDFS does not like CD names with only one or two characters, or the identical characters (e.g. when a CD is burnt with the name "A", "AA" or even "AAA" the resulting CD is always shown as "Unnamed". Comment(s): none
AHI v5 & Concierto: Stephane Guillard, 2.1.2001 Status: investigating
The PicassoIV add-on sound card, Concierto, does not work when AHI v5 is installed. Comment(s): Martin Blom is looking into this problem.
L:CacheCDFS (42.19), SYS:Prefs/CacheCDFS (44.13): Todd Oberly, 21.1.01 Status: reported
The "Min Direct" setting (for the minimum number of sectors needed to skip the cache and read directly into the calling program's buffer) won't go below 1. Comment(s): none