AmigaOS 3.9 Review (continued)

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A basic CD player, PlayCD (v45.9) uses a custom set of IFF files for it's interface (different from that of AMPlifier, which uses WinAMP skins). However, there are additional third-party skins available for download (shown in screenshot). The snapshot here shows it's capability (programmable/repeatable/random track selection). New in Boing Bag 2: PlayCD now supports CD information retrieval from the Internet's CDDB (CD DataBase) via the new included cddb.library.

ScreenMode prefs (v45.4) now offers a 'Test' button with a new test screen image and a ten-second timeout in case the screen doesn't appear correctly.

Palette prefs (v44.16) uses a licensed version of Stephan Rupprecht's colorwheel.gadget and gradientslider.gadget to improved effect for those with 24-bit graphics cards.

Although Martin Blom is still working on the latest release of AHI (v5.3), it is completely functional and includes a ReAction preferences editor for setting up AHI to your tastes. AHI v5 currently resides in the 'Contributions' drawer due to it's incomplete state. Martin Blom has released a fix for the clicking problem in AHI.

If you've ever used Directory Opus, you'll know what DefIcons does. Simply put, DefIcons (v45.13) identifies--using a very powerful identification system--each file when you open a drawer or disk window, and attaches the correct icon to it if one is not already provided. A double-click on a properly configured filetype allows the correct application or function to be launched, saving a lot of time and headache. Setting the default application you want launched is a simple matter of entering the application's path into the 'Default Tool' string gadget of each icon's Information window. DefIcons comes with a comprehensive (read: huge) set of preconfigured filetypes and matching icons, so you don't have to spend hours of your time doing it yourself.

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