Pinetown Boys' High School Recollections (1985 - 1988)
Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, Republic of South Africa
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My matric teachers
Mrs. Bester
October 27, 1988
Mr. Creswell
October 27, 1988
Mr. Pieredes
October 27, 1988
Mr. Johnson
October 28, 1988
Miss Goodway
October 28, 1988
Mrs. Roberts
Art/Art History
October 28, 1988
Additional photos taken in 1988
Speech day 1.png
Speech day 1
Speech day 2.png
Speech day 2
Speech day 3.png
Speech day 3
Speech day 4.png
Speech day 4
flea market 1.png
Flea Market 1
flea market 2.png
Flea Market 2
miss terriss 1.png
Miss Terriss 1
miss terriss 2.png
Miss Terriss 2
mrs watson.png
Mrs. Watson

Photos of the PBHS grounds in 2000
(taken by my good friend, Grant Nurden)
Change Rooms.png
Change Rooms
Field and Change Rooms.png
Field and
Change Rooms
Hall Window Up Close.png
Hall Window
Up Close
Lower Parking Lot.png
Parking Lot
Main Quad and Tuck Shop.png
Main Quad
and Tuck Shop
New Walkway.png
New Walkway
Rugby Field 1.png
Rugby Field 1
Rugby Field 2.png
Rugby Field 2
Shooting Range.png
Shooting Range
Swimming Pool 1.png
Swimming Pool 1
Swimming Pool 2.png
Swimming Pool 2
Swimming Pool 3.png
Swimming Pool 3
Tuck Shop.png
Tuck Shop
Tennis Courts 1.png
Tennis Courts 1
Tennis Courts 2.png
Tennis Courts 2
Upper Basketball Court.png
Basketball Court
View from Cowies Hill.png
View from
Cowies Hill
View from Upper Parking Lot.png
View from Upper
Parking Lot
Buildings 1.png
Tech Buildings 1
Tech Buildings 2.png
Tech Buildings 2