Pinetown Boys' High School Recollections (1985)
Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, Republic of South Africa
[no photo available] Standard 8D (10th grade) [no photo available]

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Too late for photos

Having been enrolled in the second term (which began April 16th), I missed the photo sessions taken in the early part of the year.

Calculators in, slide rules out

This second term marked the first time that calculators were formally introduced into the mathematics curriculum (much to my relief/delight!) Slide rules were now a thing of the past—talk about a narrow escape!

Ties and sleeves

Unlike most public schools (e.g. Alexandra High School), PBHS apparently never had a summer uniform; so when summer arrived, wearing blazers was not mandatory and sleeves could be rolled up. Ties, of course, were still required—but some crafty students got the idea of wearing them intentionally shortened, resulting in a new "minimal length" rule being created and enforced by teachers and prefects alike.