Workbench Beta 3.2 v46.7 (Kickstart v47.3)

Beta phase: Development by Hyperion (was dependent on developer free time which, on an individual basis, varied substantially).

Shipped with: N/A


Major enhancements:

  • GadTools is now font-sensitive—as a result, all Prefs editors and other system tools are now font-sensitive.
  • Printer Prefs now lets you select/specify a "Custom" output device—and unit number—no longer limited to the Serial or Parallel ports.
  • Workbench Prefs now has a text gadget allowing you to customize the Workbench title bar with various variables.
  • A new system window gadget that applications can request that iconifies windows (used by most system tools, including the console and all Prefs editors).
  • A new Shell command that lists the command history (kept by the Shell; not the console).
  • ReAction classes are in development.
  • Adds L:"System-startup", which seamlessly replaces older hardware ROM-based modules with newer disk-based ones.

Example diskette(s):


First reveal
(Thomas Richter)

Hidden messages: unknown
  1. The first official news and screenshot of Workbench 3.2 came from Thomas Richter on August 28, 2019 via his OS 3.2 development preview post on