Workbench Beta 3.1.4 (Workbench ?, Kickstart ?)
Beta phase: 2016-2018 Official updates and bug fixes to the Commore-AmigaOS 3.1 code (unfinished by Commodore due to their bankruptcy).

Updated AmigaOS 3.1 Work in Progress! by Thomas Richter and Olaf Barthel:

So what's all new then? Not so much, but we have...

  • Fixed: Soft links for the RAM disk and the FastFileSystem.
  • Fixed:
    • audio.device
    • asl.library
    • Compugraphic fonts: bullet.library and IntelliFont program
    • diskfont and fixfonts
    • icon.library
    • iffparse.library
    • Installer
    • Iprefs
    • Locale
    • parallel.device and serial.device
    • ramlib and ramdrive
    • rexxsyslib
    • scsi.device
    • speak-handler
    • Sys:Utilities/More
    • and more.
  • Improved: Mount command (large media, direct SCSI support and resizable removable media).
  • Improved: Aux-Handler (bug fixes, and now completely in C; no more BCPL).
  • Improved: CPU command (with 68060 support with bug fixes).
  • Improved: CrossDOS with native 64-bit support for NSD, TD64, and direct SCSI support; long filenames and resizable media support and a new mfm.device... with bug fixes.
  • Improved: Dir command with nicely-formatted output and guess what: bug fixes.
  • Improved: exec.library that no longer dies on a 68060... and bug fixes...
  • Improved: FastFileSystem (FFS) with native 64-bit support for NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI, long filenames and resizable media support and... bug fixes.
  • Improved: Format, DiskCopy and HDToolbox with 64-bit support based on NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI support and... bug fixes.
  • Improved: Intuition with off-screen window dragging.
  • Improved: Math libraries that reconfigure themselves when an FPU becomes available after loading... did I mention bug fixes?
  • Improved: SetPatch, without NSDPatch and ROMUpdates (you won't need it anymore).
  • Improved: Shell tools with long filename support, softlinks, and large media support... and bug fixes...
  • Improved: Shell with native support for pipes.
  • Improved: Workbench that also copies links... and more bug fixes.
  • And a few good friends could join the party: the V45 layers.library, the V45 Execute command, and a V46 Shell.

Stay Tuned For More News!

Hyperion Entertainment CVBA

AmigaOS update: Further details to AmigaOS 3.1.4 from, March 29, 2018:

  • The update will include a new version of "DiskDoctor" which "examine the contents of the volume, looking for defects and copying the contents of the directory tree to a different volume." Large volumes and long filenames are supported. The new version of DiskDoctor only requires 1 MB dealing with a 1 GB partition, and 8 MB for an 8 GB partition.
  • A replacement for the CD filesystem CDFS: A backport of the CD file system of AmigaOS 4 (currently without supporting mixed-mode CDs, UDF, HFS and HFS-plus) which supports the new mount options "NoNSD", "DirectSCSI" and "SuperFloppy". Besides, "Mask", "Maxtransfer" and "BufMemType" are honoured.
  • "CrossDOS now also supports long filenames, FAT32, FAT24 and FAT16." CrossDOS as well as the new CDFS now are multithreaded; that means they do not freeze Workbench any longer while working.
  • Obviously, Workbench as developed by Olaf Barthel from AmigaOS 3.5+ is used—or at least part of it: Thomas Richter mentioned that replacements for the prefs programs of Workbench and ASL have to be used since ReAction was removed.
  • The programs MagTape and Edit were removed from the distribution. Edit "suffered from several bugs and limitations".
  • workbench.library and icon.library "are already too large to fit into the ROMs", so they will be on disks. They will also take more RAM, "so that there is less left on the low-end machines. It will probably not work with 512K alone."

Hidden messages: unknown
  1. Robert Miranda notes that: "Many (over 150) work-in-progress beta version builds of Workbench and/or Kickstart existed among the beta-test team. The minor revision number in the Workbench About screen is a ballpark number of how many there were between first compile and release. There's no reason to have interest in any, as it was a continual bug-fix process."