Workbench Beta 2.1, versions 38.12, 38.18, 38.23, 38.28, 38.30 (TOS), 38.31, 38.32

Beta phase: Early 1991

Shipped with: N/A

Media: Diskette(s)

Major enhancements:

  • Added: CrossDOS started out in Prefs with its own editor (see bottom right image below), but by Release 2.1, became a commodity. (Note: Unfortunately, no screen shot is available of its GUI as it refused to open when double-clicked.)
  • Added: The "Font" prefs editor included font style check boxes (Plain, Bold, Italic, and Underlined) for System Default and Screen text.
  • Improved: The last version of the "Say" utility, 38.5, sported a new GadTools GUI with a cycle gadget for Sex (Male/Female), Type (Normal/Robot), and slider gadgets for Pitch and Speed. It also had a multi-line Text Input gadget. This was obviously intended for inclusion with Release 2.1, but was apparently dropped when Commodore discontinued renewing their license of SoftVoice, Inc.'s speech technology.

Example diskette(s):


Hidden messages: unknown
  1. Curiously, the "Say" utility, although removed from Release 2.05 (as of 37.72), was present in Beta 2.1 (as of 38.12), but later removed in Beta 2.1 (38.28).