Workbench Beta ?, (Kickstart 0.6 (versions 26.1, 26.7); 0.7 (version 27.3); 0.9 (versions 29.2, 29.11))
Beta phase: August 1985 Example diskette(s):

  • Came with some unusual commands in the C: directory:

    DiskEd - AmigaDOS Disk Editor version 3.2, binary disk editor.
    Download - download version 2.1, Sun->Amiga transfer utility.
    DumpObj - Displays executable hunks in hex.
    Frags - Displays free memory size distribution (fragmentation).
    ObjDump - See DumpObj (appears to be an identical copy—oversight?).
    ReadPrefs - Load preferences data from :config/preferences.
    SetPrefs - Preferences editor (similar to 1.x), "Edit Pointer" is ghosted.
    Wack - Wack version 27.001, debugger, marked "For Internal Use Only".

  • Included the narrator.device and translator.device, but had no means for end-user produced speech (i.e. the "Say" command).
  • Was bundled with the first Electronic Arts demo for the Amiga, which crashes horribly a few seconds into the demo since this demo is known to be incompatible with the A500/A2000.
  • Included printer support for the following drivers:


  • Came supplied with Textcraft development version 1.5 (6/24/85), and GraphiCraft V27 release 06 by Arktronics Corporation (see screenshots below).

GraphiCraft (0.7)Textcraft (0.7)ABasic (0.9)
CLI (0.9)Image Editor (0.9)Workbench (28.2)
Hidden message(s):

Timo Weirich found the following message in Kickstart v0.7 (27.3) at offset $010055: "The Amiga Wizards bring this power to you"

  1. Released in 1985 at the Consumer Electronics Show (only?), 256k ROM.
  2. The only known samples available for study are Kickstart versions 27.3 and 29.11, and AmigaDOS v27.5.
  3. Workbench was still unfinished at this stage, as LoadWB, workbench.library and workbench.task were non-existent. This was CLI-only (the contributor tried LoadWB from v1.0, and it failed with "Cannot find resident tag for workbench.task").
  4. The only default assignment is SYS: (i.e. no 'sub' assigns such as C:, DEVS:, L:, LIBS:, etc. existed yet).
  5. American artist, director and producer Andy Warhol apparently used Kickstart Beta 0.6 (as given to him by Commodore for promotion purposes).
  6. Markus Bieler notes that his first A1000 had a Kickstart disk hand-labeled: v0.9beta Release 29.2
  7. Cloanto's Michael C. Battilana notes: "I have seen several of Andy's disks; they contained GraphiCraft V27 Release 06 ("Andy V27" on floppy), and then in the live demo it was presented as ProPaint V27 Release 14. Most files were dated July 1985, but then it could be that since the Amiga did not have a battery-backed-up clock, it simply did not advance. Anyway, the software needs the 0.7 ROM as included in Amiga Forever. You can use it with the Amiga 1000, in the Systems tab of Amiga Forever (right-click and Edit, or create a Copy first)."
  8. Rodney Hester notes: "I know for a fact that Electronic Arts showed their Amiga demo running on two floppy drives on AmigaDOS 27.4 (this is the mysterious 'it-only-runs-on-a-1000' demo)."