Known Limitations - 2.0B5
7 May 1990

  1. SetCPU can not be used for soft-kicking into 2.0. Use KickIt and the special Kick file which ends in ".20" to soft-kick 2.0. KickIt has been enhanced so that the Kick file can be placed in a 2620 or 2630's RAM, OR in a 1st-slot autoconfig RAM board.
  2. MMUkick can be used with the GVP 030 card. Contact CATS for a special MMUKICK kickfile disk to use for this purpose, and contact GVP for special PALs.
  3. The 1.3 editor "ED" does NOT work under 2.0. It was a bit too intimate with the global vector, even for a BCPL program. A 2.0 version is available in this release.
  4. You should NOT specify Filesystem = L:FastFileSystem when mounting FFS partitions under 2.0. There IS no L:FastFileSystem (FFS is in ROM). You must currently use a modified mountlist with the Filesystem line removed or commented out. If you specify the non-existent L:FastFileSystem when mounting a partition under 2.0, you may crash when you access that partition. Use a mountlist modified for 2.0, and make sure your DosType lines are correct.
  5. Doing a 'Snapshot' on 'fake' icons does not work.

Known Bugs - 2.0B5
7 May 1990

  1. Files written with seeks and writes under 2.0B5 to an old normal file system floppy disk may currently be unreadable by the 1.3 normal ROM filesystem (for example, many IFF file writers such as ScreenSave write and seek while writing out an IFF file. Such a file created on a floppy under 2.0B5 may be unreadable or may even cause a crash when read under 1.3.) Workaround: create the file elsewhere and COPY to the floppy disk.
  2. Links are not working on hard drives; they are functional only in the RAM disk.
  3. No error message is printed when an attempt is made to execute a non-executable file.
  4. A lock is left on an executed script file.
  5. HDBackup only works when the BRU program is in the C: directory.
  6. Notification is not reliable except from RAM:.