A2024 Contents

This file describes briefly the pertinent files in this A2024 release.

This disk is built on Workbench V1.3 Release 34.20. Many files had to be removed from the Workbench disk in order to fit the neccesary A2024-specific files.

Below you will find two lists of files involved in this release. The first list contains new files created for this release. The second list contains new versions of programs you probably already have. These newer versions of these file provided additional capabilities over the older versons.

New files

Name of file Description
READMEThis file.
InstallA2024Script file for transferring necessary files to a hard drive to eliminate requirement of JumpStart floppy.
NewUtilsA text file describing, in mode detail, some of the new utilities shipped with this disk.
JumpStartIcon-program for transforming a 1.2/1.3 system into the A2024 support software. This involves installing the following warm start survivable libraries:

libs/exec.library (new exec module)
libs/intuition.library (new intuition module)
libs/graphics.library (new graphics module)
SetMonitorIcon-program that tells graphics.library that the A2024 Scan Conversion Monitor is attached to the system and that the user wants to use high-resolution software.
ResetWBCloses and then reopens Workbench screen according to modes set in Preferences. Note that SetMonitor must be run before ResetWB can open a screen in the high-resolution mode.
c/IconXSupport routine necessary for JumpStart, SetMonitor.
c/SetMonitorSupport routine for SetMonitor icon script.
c/RamKickSupport routine for JumpStart icon script.
fonts/topaz/16New larger fixed-width DiskFont.
s/Startup-sequenceInteractive A2024 Startup-sequence for this disk.

Replacement files

Name of file Description
PreferencesNew preferences programs for controlling the A2024 modes.
c/VersionThis command checks the version of a library as well as returning the status as to whether the library being checked has a version equal or greater than an optional second parameter.