Workbench Release 2.02, version 36.70 (Kickstart version 36.207)

Release date: December 2, 1990

Shipped with: Early Amiga 3000s only

Media: Kickstart / SuperKickstart disk, new software

Major enhancements:

  • Fixed: The worst problems in 2.01.
  • Improved: Stability (vastly).

Example diskette(s):


No visual changes from 2.0

Hidden messages:
Media information:
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? (OFS) DS/DD diskette(s)

  1. According to Peter Cherna (OS development group), "2.02 was a huge effort internally to fix the worst problems and get stability way up. A lot of people labored incredibly hard to make 2.02 quite solid. Bryce Nesbitt managed the core OS subgroup and did an amazing job at making a very disciplined release."