Amiga Enhancer V1.3 is a Disk-Based Update

This package includes three diskettes and a manual. Amiga Enhancer V1.3 brings a host of new features to your Amiga computer:

Fast File System
— Hard disk read/writes are up to seven times faster
— Hard disk directories are up to 10 times faster
— Disk Partition limit is raised to 2 Gigabytes
— Graphic printing is up to 10 times faster
— The Amiga can color-correct so the printed page looks like the screen
— The Amiga can smooth graphic prints to make clean looking characters
— Provides an upgraded CLI environment
— Saves typing with full line editing
— Includes a "history" capability; it remembers your previous commands
— Command aliases
Math Library
— Library is up to six times faster
— Math operations in programs using the libraries speed up automatically
— Library automatically uses a 68881 Math Coprocessor chip with 68020
Screen Output
— Text printing to the screen is up to four times faster
Recoverable RAM Disk
— Keeps its contents until the Amiga is turned off
Adobe Screen Fonts
— Extras Diskette includes: Times-Roman, Helvetica Courier, and Symbol Fonts
Use A Terminal With The Amiga
— AUX: allows a second terminal to use CLI commands
Add Speech Output To Many Programs
— SPEAK: allows many programs to speak
New Commands
— More - Easily allows the user to look at text files
— CMD - Redirect Printer output to a file
— Iconx - Execute Script files from Workbench
— Eval - Do simple math with a CLI command
— Which - Searches paths to find your files
— Resident - Preloads commands for speed of execution
— SPAT and DPAT - Pattern matching script commands
Improved Commands
— Preferences - Now allows the user to set more printer options
— List - Generates scripts with user-supplied output format
— Script Commands - Has improved comparison and looping capabilities
— MicroEmacs - This editor now has many new options

Please note: All comparisons are made to V1.2 of the operating system.
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