Workbench Release 1.3.2, version 34.28

Release date: 1989

Shipped with: Amiga 500, 2000, available as update

Media: New software only

Major enhancements:

  • Improved: Overall OS stability.
  • Improved: FFS can now handle hard disks up to 2.5 GB (old limit was 308 MB).
  • Improved: Support of the printer.device for "multi-pass" printers.
  • Fixed: Bugs in 1.3.1 (commands: Setpatch, LoadWB, Format, NoFastMem, FastMemFirst and CMD, as well as info.library, serial.device and printer.device).

Example diskette(s):

  1. Note the Workbench 2.x-style Trashcan icon in the Workbench 1.3 disk window.
  2. The "Copy" command is clearly displaying the Workbench 2.x ReadArgs()-style argument parsing, which wasn't actually available in the 1.3 ROM.
  3. Note the first appearance of "RAMB0:"—the initial name for the recoverable RAM: disk.
Hidden messages:

Same as Workbench 1.3, plus the following message appears while the of a disk (which has been inserted is read) and one of the above key combinations is pressed:

  • (WB 1.3D, v34.28): "Still a Champion"
Media information:
Descriptions and Part Numbers
Two (OFS) DS/DD diskettes
Amiga Workbench
Version 1.3.2 (Rev. 34.28)
PN: 317746-03
Workbench 1.3.2
PN: 317789-03
Amiga Workbench
Version 1.3.2 (Rev. 34.28)
PN: 317787-03
Amiga Workbench 1.3.2
PN: 317791-03
Version 1.3.2
PN: 367270-01
International A3000
Version 1.3.2
PN: 317788-01
  1. This update was placed on Amiga magazine cover disks.
  2. Chris Young recalls that booting from some disks on Kickstart/Workbench 1.3 would show "Workbench Release 1.2" in the titlebar, but when booting from the Workbench 1.3.2 disks, it just showed "Workbench Release".
    • Thomas Kessler notes that this is due to a patch function called from C:LoadWB.
    • Rodney Hester confirms that the titlebar "Workbench Release." appears in 1.3 as well as 1.3.2.
    • Ross Vumbaca adds more detail: "The Workbench version message in the titlebar is typically patched by the command that starts Workbench—LoadWB. If you run the LoadWB command from a Workbench 1.2 disk (i.e. Workbench 1.2), it causes the "Workbench Release 1.2" message to appear in the titlebar, regardless of whether Kickstart is 1.2 or 1.3. If the LoadWB command is run from a Workbench 1.3.2 disk and I believe from a Workbench 1.3 disk, it simply says "Workbench Release.". That's about the extent of it—simply a case of booting disks with the old LoadWB command (which causes the "1.2" message to appear). This sort of patching continues to this day... the latest Setpatch command for example, patches the titlebar in Kickstart 3.x to say "Amiga International" instead of "Commodore-Amiga".