SX32 Notes

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Use a SX32. It's small so it fits in the CD32 like the MPEG module. You have a parallel, serial, floppy, RGB and VGA-port. You can put a 2.5" hard disk drive on it and a 2-8 MB PS/2 SIMM module. Unfortunately, FMV cannot be used with it. It is also rumoured to come with an Amiga 1200 manual. Apart from that, it fixes the voltage problems it is more or less like the SX-1.

Alan Redhouse wrote:

"Standard Amiga serial, parallel, floppy disk drive, RGB ports and a 15-pin VGA port. Uses standard Amiga keyboard, and has a standard SIMM socket for up to 8 MB of RAM. Has a 2.5" hard disk drive interface and mountings for an internal unit. Everything (including hard disk drive) fits inside the CD32 (sockets protrude about 10mm). Supplied with WB 3.0 on CD-ROM (obviously has Kickstart 3.1 already). VERY reliable—it must be the only Amiga accessory that we've picked up and plugged in and it's worked perfectly first time and ever since. It really does become a portable Amiga. Price: 199.95 including VAT."