AmigaOS Version Table | Credits | Disk hunt, Mysteries and Addendum

If you can answer any of the following questions, or have screenshots matching the descriptions listed below, please contact me. Thanks!

Disk hunting:

Do you have either of these original disks? If so, please let me know—I'm interested in buying them.


  1. Beta 1.0: Was AmigaOS v0.7 released at the Consumer Electronics Show (C.E.S.)? Did it come supplied with Textcraft development v1.5 (6/24/85), and GraphiCraft v27 release 06 by Arktronics Corporation?
  2. Release 1.0: Complete version/revision numbers for Release 1.0 Kickstart and Workbench (v30.??).
  3. Release 1.3.4:
  4. Did Commodore completely skip v35 numbering in their OS code?

Missing screenshots:

  1. Beta 1.4 (early): Screenshot(s) of the Amiga 2000 Prefs icon.

Notes of interest: