Contributed by Rodney Hester on October 25, 1999

Announce did not exist as a general distribution, and I can prove it. ;)

From Fred's README:

Speechtoy   Another speech demo program. Cute. You have to see this
            one. Be sure to click gadget that pops up the face.
            Author: David Lucas

From the source code, speechtoy.c:

/* This program is probably copyright Commodore-Amiga. It was mailed
 * to me directly by Bruce Barrett at Commodore-Amiga in response
 * to a question about a previous version's copyright status. I
 * therefore assume that it is Commodore-Amiga's intention that this
 * program be freely redistributable. Fred Fish, 3-Jan-86.

/* !!! To those who haven't figured it out yet:
 * !!! Set stack to 15000 before compiling.
 * !!! This is a generally good thing to do if
 * !!! the compiler blows up on a large source.
 * !!! if your program suddenly KILLS the compiler,
 * !!! increase stack by 5K and try again. Jeeze you guys.
/* This program was written to show the use of gadgets in a
 * window. Thus one menu, one auto requester, but lots of
 * gadget types.
 * For the sake of example, two mutual exclude gadgets
 * (female/male) are shown that perform a function that might
 * be better implemented as a toggle image, in a manner similar
 * to that shown in the inflection Mode gadget.
 * Again for the sake of example, the proportional gadgets
 * are generated dynamically (that is, copied from a template and
 * filled in), whereas most gadgets are declared statically in
 * the struct declaration, which saves the initialization code
 * space.
 * Lastly, for the sake of example, this program is extremely
 * verbose in the way of comments. Hope you don't mind.
/* Written by David M Lucas. */
/* If you find something you don't like, fix it! Have fun! */
/* Send complaints to /dev/null. really. */
/* Thanks Amiga. */

It is possible that Bruce Barrett at Commodore had called earlier (or later) versions of SpeechToy "Announce", but extremely unlikely they were ever distributed with AmigaDOS. Further evidence comes from Rob Peck at Commodore, who included the following source code comments in his source, speech.c (also from Fish disk 001):

/* Here is a sample speech demo program that compiles on
 * Amiga (Lattice) C. It can be thought of as a stripped
 * down version of the speechtoy (lucas). I haven't
 * provided the graphics for the drawing of the mouth,
 * but the access to the mouth variables is shown here.
 * It is the sample program from the rev 1.1 Rom Kernel
 * Manual, now at the printers.
 * Rob Peck.
 * This code may be freely utilized to create programs for the Amiga.

It seems obvious that SpeechToy/Announce had its beginnings in the AmigaOS 1.1 ROM Kernel Manual, and would therefore be extremely unlikely to be packaged with AmigaDOS as 'production' code—it apparently was seen very much as a "work in progress" at that time, and never intended to supersede its limited (but "official") cousin, Say (bundled with AmigaOS 1.1 through 2.05's 37.71).

Another revision to version 1.1 of SpeechToy appears on Fish disk 005, but appears identical in function and appearance. The only differences between SpeechToy and Announce (as your screenshot indicates) are the 'Stop' button in SpeechToy, and the change from 'Rate' to 'Cadence'. It seems very likely that Announce was nothing more than a European (a guess from the use of the term 'cadence') hack/modification of early SpeechToy source posted to BIX/Compuserve by David Lucas. This is all the more likely because of David's comments from the later source:

/* Written by David M Lucas. */
/* This program Copyright (C) 1985 David Lucas */
/* This program is not to be sold for commercial gain. */
/* Use it as an example, and PIECES MAY BE PLAGIARIZED FREELY */
/* If you find something you don't like, fix it! Have fun! */
/* Send complaints to /dev/null. really. */
/* Thanks Amiga. */
  1. He says you can plagiarize the source code freely. Commodore didn't play that way. ;)
  2. He said it can't be sold for commercial gain—and since it is obviously the same code as Announce, this means that Commodore would have been breaking copyright law by including it with AmigaDOS.

- Rodney Hester