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Note: As per Cizar's request, please do NOT send any CPUs for Warp 3060/4060 testing to CS-Lab.

Status of Warp 3060/4060: "We have Warp 4060 hardware prototype ready, but still no time to port/extend firmware to actually run it :frowning: So, sadly, I only can tell that it will be done, but can't tell when." — Sellen, March 25, 2021
Status of Warp 1260: "Will be available as parts [FPGAs] on the market [are available]." — Cizar, May 24, 2021
Status of Warp-CDTV: "CDTV card is so far unstable, after valeting I will fall into the topic of Warp-CDTV." — Cizar, July 12, 2021
Status of Scandoubler: "I have new information!! I called Mouser to ask when I can expect FPGA delivery. And, unfortunately, the systems ordered for October, with a high probability, I will receive in February 2022. And it will be 100 pcs. Unfortunately so this year there will be no new cards. But there is also good news for the owners: FPGA to scandoubler reached them. So on autumn and winter evenings, the topic of scandoublers will come back." — Cizar, October 16, 2021 (Discord/CS-Lab Warp#Warp1260)

Latest (known) news:

July 21, 2021 - Warp Firmware (and software) Pack v1.200 from CS-Lab is now available for download, along with an updated version of the Warp Quickstart Guide. Thanks to Sellen (software) and Cizar (hardware) for their hard work!

July 12, 2021 - The author of YT channel Amiga Tests just posted yet another video showing the upcoming v1.200 firmware update from CS-Lab (assumingly replacing v1.100). New firmware features include:

June 11, 2021 - The author of YT channel Amiga Tests just posted a video showing the upcoming v1.100 firmware update from CS-Lab. He states:

"Something we Warp users have been waiting for—new firmware! There are so many changes and features in this update that it is simply amazing. Totally new warpSD.device introduces the ability to format a microSD card with the Amiga file systems like FFS, PFS3, and others. What's more, the Amiga can now boot from a microSD card, and the transfers on the card are incredibly fast at insanely low CPU usage! Find out more in the video."
According to Amiga Tests, new firmware features are:

And from a source at (bold emphasis added): "...Firmware 1.100 should be released to the public in the next dozen days and—as announced by Cizar—offer at least one more new surprise feature!" [translated post]

Michal Bergseth of Amitopia recently clarified its release date:

"The release is estimated in summer 2021 [...]"

May 24, 2021 - I received the following e-mail this morning from Cizar regarding two rev. 6 68060s and one rev. 4 LC 68060 I sent to him a while ago for testing [bold emphasis mine]:

"Welcome. You sent me processors for Warp 4060 cards. I did the tests. One of the processors (rev 6) is not working — I checked several times. One rev 6 is ok and the third one is rev 4 (LC) working. Due to the lack of parts on the market and the lack of time, Warp 4060 cards will be available in 2022. But their software will be as advanced as Warp 1260. So the time now dedicated to Warp 1260 is also the time to Warp 4060. — Szymon Paprocki (Cizar)

April 27, 2021 - Cizar via Discord, CS-Lab Warp: [Warp 4060] "This card will probably be available in 2022. Due to the lack of FPGAs on the market and the lack of time for its production. [We] do not accept processors for this project. Please wait..."

March 25, 2021 - Sellen via Discord, CS-Lab Warp: [Warp 4060] "We have Warp 4060 hardware prototype ready, but still no time to port/extend firmware to actually run it :frowning: So, sadly, I only can tell that it will be done, but can't tell when."

March 15, 2021 - Sellen posted this reply to an Amiga user on the CS-Lab blog (reply no. 3):

"Hi Roland, Currently we're preparing units for people who already sent CPU to us. In the meantime I hope to have e-shop running on this address. If not I'll let you know that production is ramping up and people interested in purchasing card should send their CPUs to CS-Lab s.c. We'll be in touch. :) — Sellen"

March 14, 2021 - Sellen just posted an update (photos included) to their blog and a reply to an Amiga user's question:

"Hi, a long time has passed since the last news from us. Unfortunately, communication isn't my best side, sorry for that. We have a lot of work currently in our company, and all this situation with COVID doesn't help either. Cizar was sick, but finally, he's fine now. We have ~50 pcs 68060 CPU currently from people willing to buy a Warp board and 100 pcs of Warp 1260 PCBs (50 assembled, 50 partially assembled). We'll confirm orders, ask for a payment, and these units will be shipped. I hope that we'll be able to ramp up this production finally. I still didn't have time to finish a new website with an e-shop, but I think that I outsource this to another company to make this work in some reasonable time because it is not looking that in an upcoming couple of months I'll be able to find some time for this. The new website will be at the same address when it is ready. Stay tuned. I know that this all is going very slow, but the project is definitely not dead. Below are some photos from the current production batch and test rig."

March 9, 2021 - Many small corrections have been made, and extra details/information have been added to the Specifications page—too many to list individually. The details have been gleaned from the Polish Amiga forum "Polski Portal Amigowy" where Cizar (and occasionally, Sellen) has shared a substantial amount of detail about Warp card development since its inception in 2018. The forum thread in particular is the New Turbo A1200 / 060 - Warp 1260. The site is, of course, in Polish so some web translation may be required.

February 25, 2021 - Yesterday (February 24th), Michal Bergseth of Amitopia posted an update from CS-Lab regarding the ongoing development of the Warp 3060/4060 and its scandoubler/flicker-fixer board. Of special note is the following statement (in bold; emphasis added):

"CS-LAB in Poland which is behind Warp1260 for Amiga 1200 and Warp560 for Amiga 500 just confirms that they are working on Warp4060 and the Scandoubler still. COVID had a hit on the progress, but Warp development is still going on. Also, they have decided to update the firmware once the Warp4060 and Scandoubler are out.

Warp improvements on the way — The Warp4060 card for Amiga 4000 will be an improved version over the Warp1260 for Amiga 1200 and Warp560 for Amiga 500 as it is possible to fit more on the card. The Warp4060 will also be working in [the] Amiga 3000. The user will be able to overclock the card in the same way as Amiga 1200 and Amiga 500 users can.

All of the information regarding Warp4060 will be put on their site once it is ready. Warp is for sure interesting as it keeps pushing Amiga hardware together with the Vampire accelerator cards."

February 12, 2021 - Although it's unclear as to which Warp firmware version he's using (as of this writing, the latest official version is 1.008), beta tester Dawid Dorian posted a brief video of himself playing Doom II via a PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller connected to his Warp 1260-equipped Amiga 1200. What's allowing it to work? Either it's a new (as yet unreleased) firmware version from CS-Lab, or firmware v1.008 (released June 6, 2020) has always contained basic game controller functionality in it, as neither firmware v1.007 nor v1.008 lists USB game controller functionality in their change logs.

December 1, 2020 - Beta tester Retrocengo notes in his Amiga 1200 Warp 1260 AIBB test live video [10m 7s] that new firmware is "on the way...":

"I'm running the Warp 1260, and firmware revision is still 1.008; I'm waiting on a firmware update with all the goodies that's on the way—and I know they're on the way..."

November 20, 2020 - Beta tester John 'Chucky' Hertell reiterated in an English Amiga Board post that pricing of the Warp 3060/4060 will be similar to other Warp boards (499 Euros or ~$600 U.S.):

"They [CS-Lab] told it will be approx same price. As it is same components price."

November 17, 2020 - As CS-Lab said of the 3060/4060: "It will rise this year..." [source], prototypes of the long-awaited Warp 4060 (since renamed by CS-Lab to the "Warp 3060/4060") and new Warp CDTV-60 (alluded to in the July 24th Gramy! Amiga 1200 + karta Warp1260 video) have appeared. Photos were posted by CS-Lab on the Commodore Amiga fb page; Amiga user "Jope" shared them with me (thanks Jope!) and the Images page has been added for those of us who aren't on fb. Note that both prototype boards have socketed 68060 CPUs!

November 13, 2020 - Waldor from Polski Portal Amigowy shared a brief update from Cizar via CS-Lab's fb page, including news of the new Warp 1240 accelerator card (an '040 version of the Warp 1260, which was mentioned by CS-Lab in chat text via the July 24th Gramy! Amiga 1200 + karta Warp1260):

"Hello .. CS-LAB has a lot of work with CNC projects and news about Warp cards and we do not answer emails (sorry for this situation). Today [Nov. 13th?] we soldered four pieces of the Warp 4060 prototype. On Monday we will solder Warp-CDTV prototypes, Tuesday Warp 1240 prototypes. And from Wednesday, a lot of 50 pieces of Warp 1260 ... I will share with you photos and films from the production ..."

October 9, 2020 - Andrzej (Sellen) Rogozynski shared the following via their website:

"Hi, everything okay, thanks for asking. :) We have a lot of work with ours (and company's) mainly tasks now — unfortunately... We're (slowly :( ) preparing a new batch of Warp boards to the customers which already sent CPUs to us. I wish to have more time for this project. It is really very important to me, but I have to care about the company business first, otherwise we'll end without ability to do anything."

"Anyway, we're preparing the online ordering system and new website. This doesn't have enough flexibility for the online shop. We switched to Wordpress, but there is still some work to do to make the new webpage visible on this address. Stay tuned; we're alive and working to make Warp boards available for you guys. I know that it's taking a long time, but what can I say... sorry, and trust me, if I could afford it, the Warp project would be my priority project. Cheers!"

September 7, 2020 - Andrzej (Sellen) Rogozynski shared the following via the Amiga Warp 1260 Interview with CS-Labs:

[5m 19s] "We don't have a card for the Amiga 4000; it is in development. The prototype is almost ready because Szymon has finished schematics and PCB board. But we are waiting for actual PCBs to arrive now. So we don't have a 4000 version yet. Schematics is ready and PCB is ready at this moment; so we are waiting for a physical PCB."

[48m 33s] "We want to say sorry to all the guys who are writing to us right now through our EU-Warp website, because we are not ready yet to handle these requests and asking questions ... sorry about that guys! We have all your e-mails in our inbox. ... We are preparing some Frequently Asked Questions on the website and every detail; we're also preparing how to make a pre-order / order handling on our website. So, right now I have 150 (or something about) e-mails not answered yet, so guys, I'm sorry; but there are only two of us, and we have a choice: development of Warp boards or answering on the e-mails and stuff like that. So we right now choose to develop these boards, but we think about you, and not even one e-mail is deleted from our inbox. We read every e-mail, and I, please—little patience, you know?"

August 27, 2020 - YouTube user The Epo notes:

"I was told there will be carried soon a test on LC CPUs in a Warp card. The results will be published on Amiga Tests (YouTube) so fingers crossed and let's hope the end result will be satisfactory. If not then at least we'll know for sure whether it is an alternative to the rev. 6 or not (or an FPU unit in general) because it will be based on a real test and not just on somebody's opinion."

July 24, 2020 - The following statements (translated from the Polish chat text) are from Szymon Paprocki during the Gramy! Amiga 1200 + karta Warp1260 video:

Szymon: "The file system on the SD card will be FAT32." (System plików na karcie SD bedzie FAT32.)

Dariusz Skrzak: When does production start? (Kiedy rusza produkcja?)

Szymon: "I ordered 130 PCBs." (Zamówilem 130 sztuk PCB.)

Szymon: "And MP3 works from USB." (I MP3 dziala z USB.)

Damian Karwot: It's a pity, but as there will be WiFi, PCMCIA is less needed. I use WiFi on PCMCIA. (szkoda, aczkolwiek jak bedzie WiFi to PCMCIA juz mniej potrzebna. ja na PCMCIA uzywam WiFi.)

Szymon: "Faster. Designed. Just not software." (Szybciej. Zaprojektowany. Tylko nie oprogramowany.)

Szymon: "There will be Warp 1240 cards." (Beda karty Warp 1240.)

Szymon: "I do A500 040."

Szymon: "Scandoubler yes. As standalone. Will. Yes standalone or for Warp." (Scandoubler tak. Jako standalone. Bedzi. Tak standalone or for Warp.)

Szymon: "This is ver 1.0. (A to jest ver 1.0.)"

Szymon: "This card was created to prove that we know how to do it." (Ta karta powstala dla udowodnienia sobie ze umiemy to zrobic.)

Szymon: "It wasn't supposed to be commercial. It arises after hours." (Nie miala byc komercyjna. To powstaje po godzinach.)

Szymon: "For the cash register, we have a company dealing with CNC." (Dla kasy mamy firme zajmujaca sie CNC.)

Szymon: "Sorry to everyone for the lack of 060 availability; did not know!! Therefore, he will design and Andrzej will program 040." (Przepraszam wszystkich za brak dostepnosci 060 nie wiedzialem !! Dlatego zaprojektuje a Andrzej oprogramuje 040)

Szymon: "Tomek and mention that CDTV will have Warp. Your. CDTV. It will be the fastest CDTV in the world." (Tomek a wspomnij ze CDTV bedzie mial Warp. Twoje. CDTV. Bedzie najszybsze CDTV na swiecie.)

Szymon: "If anyone interested in Warp560 write!! They are still available on fb." (Jezeli ktos zainteresowany Warp560 pisac !! Na FB sa jeszcze dostepne.)

Szymon: "Dawid tests them hard!!! And a very big greeting and thanks!!" (Dawid je mocno testuje!!! I bardzo wielkie pozdro i podziekowania!!)

Szymon: "I met Tomek at AMIGA34!! Awesome guy. And his team!!!" (Tomka poznalem na AMIGA34!! Super gosc. I jego ekipa!!!)

Szymon: "We used to be lamers, today we are hardware. I love Amiga and all Amiga fans." (Kiedys bylismy lamerem dzisiaj jestesmy hardwareem. Kocham Amige i wszystkich Amigowcow.)

May 27, 2020 - CS Lab posted the following note in their website blog:

"Hey guys! We have a lot of questions where/when this cards can be purchased. Currently first units were sent to early testers and reviewers. We're focused now on tracking couple of bugs and working to improve this product even more before public release. There will be info on this site soon, about ordering the board. In the meantime please be patient, and look for buying 060 CPU, because this will be the fastest way to get Warp card. In general feedback from testers is positive, boards are working fine, and only minor bugs were found. It shouldn't take very long to fix those, so stay tuned. :)"