Workbench ßeta 3.5, v44.x

ßeta phase: May 1998 - October 1999 --
Major enhancements:
  • The early betas did not have a screen title bar
  • Third-party TCP/IP, Web Browsing, built-in e-mail
  • Support for Hard Drives larger than 4GB
  • Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Extensive CD-ROM Support
  • Improved Printer support
  • PowerPC Support
  • HTML Online Documentation
  • Bug Fixes
  • Several new APIs

Click here for an extensive features list.

Changes in OS 3.5 from the early beta screenshots to the final screenshots:

  1. New tool "EditPad" in the Tools drawer.
  2. The earlier beta had some different preferences icons.
  3. The earlier beta had DTPrefs etc. which have now disappeared. We have three new preference editors: Reaction (similar to ClassAct prefs), Workbench and CacheCDFS.
  4. In IControl, "Preserve Colors" (which has been redundant since AGA anyway) has gone.
  5. The new Icon Information window has a GadTools GUI, not Reaction (WB3.5) GUI.
  6. An earlier beta (the one previewed in Amiga Format) was lacking dithering/colour quality options in the Pattern prefs.
  7. The screenmode names have changed slightly (eg. instead of "Super-High Res" we now have "SuperHighRes").
  8. New folder in DEVS: called "networks", as well as a file called "AmigaOS ROM Update", which is presumably a patch for the 3.1 ROMs.
  9. scsi.device V43.26 is shown on one of the HDToolBox screenshots (should really be using v44).
  10. The new HDToolBox appears to be missing the "verify drive" and "modify bad block list" options.

Click here for an early review of 3.5 with lots of screenshots.

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Hidden messages:
  1. Chris Young comments on some statements made by Amiga Format on ßeta 3.5 (issue 128, WoA show report): "Application icons can be animated, but not file icons. For instance, the release will include a windowless clock icon that updates anywhere on the screen."
  2. Ross Vumbaca notes that: "fifty pre-release copies of OS 3.5 were given away at the "Amiga Downunder '99" computer show in Canberra, 21-23 August 1999. The reason for this was that OS 3.5 was supposed to have been officially launched at the show, but was still incomplete, so the pre-release giveaway was an act of good faith by Petro Tyschtschenko. The pre-release I have was specially made for ADU (it has a "Congratulations on winning this pre-release at Amiga Downunder" readme file, and it is a KODAK CD-R. Like the other pre-releases it has no Internet support."