Workbench ßeta 3.1.x (Kickstart v?)

ßeta phase: In beta testing Updates to the official Commore-Amiga OS 3.1

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Updated AmigaOS 3.1 WORK IN PROGRESS !!

by Thomas Richter and Olaf Barthel

So what's all new then?

Not so much, but we have...

- Fast file system with native 64-bit support for NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI, long file names and resizable media support and... bug fixes.
- CrossDOS with native 64-bit support for NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI support, long file names and resizable media support and a new mfm.device... with bug fixes.
- Format, DiskCopy and HDToolBox with 64-bit support based on NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI support and... bug fixes.
- C:Mount for large media, direct SCSI support and resizable removable media.
- Working soft links for the ram disk and the Fast File System.
...which are more bug fixes.
- Shell tools with long filename support, softlinks, and large media support... and bug fixes...
- math libraries that reconfigure themselves when an FPU becomes available after loading... did I mention bug fixes?
- A Dir command with nicely-formatted output and guess what: bug fixes.
- Shell with native support for pipes.
- New Workbench that also copies links... and more bug fixes.
- CPU command with 68060 support... and also bug fixes here.
- exec.library that no longer dies on a 68060... and bug fixes...
- SetPatch, without NSDPatch and ROMUpdates (you won't need it anymore).
- intuition with off-screen window dragging.
- Celebrate the retirement of the last piece of BCPL code in AmigaOS:
  The Aux-Handler is now completely in C. ...and has bugs fixed.
- Did I mention bug fixes? Here are more:
  - audio.device
  - asl.library
  - Compugraphic fonts: bullet.library
    and IntelliFont program.
  - diskfont and fixfonts.
  - icon.library
  - iffparse.library
  - installer
  - iprefs
  - locale
  - parallel.device and serial.device
  - ramlib and ramdrive
  - rexxsyslib
  - scsi.device
  - speak-handler
  - Sys:Utilities/More
  - and more.
- and a few good friends could join the party: the V45 layers.library, the V45 execute command, and a V46 Shell.

- Stay tuned for more news! -

- Hyperion Entertainment CVBA -

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