Workbench 4.x, version 50.2 (Kickstart ??.?), U-Boot 1.0.0

Release date: Pre-Release Updates: 1 (Oct. 10, 2004) | 2 (Dec. 27, 2004) | 3 (June 14, 2005) | 4 (Feb. 8, 2006)

Shipped with: New AmigaOnes since June 2004

Media: Kickstart on disc

Major enhancements:

  • Added: AmiGS, AmiPDF, and Ghostscript now system apps.
  • Added: Dockies and Subdocs
  • Added: Integrated 680x0 emulator for execution of legacy code.
  • Added: Integrated TCP/IP stack.
  • Added: MediaToolbox and PartitionWizard (replace HDToolBox and third party utilities such as DiskSalv).
  • Added: MUI.
  • Added: Pop-up menus with PowerMenus Commodity.
  • Added: Ported to PowerPC with removal of all chipset dependencies.
  • Added: S:ARexx inherits Rexxc in C: and ARexx scripts.
  • Added: SmartFileSystem.
  • Added: Solid window resizing/dragging.
  • Added: Support for Truetype and Postscript fonts, with optional anti-aliasing (TypeManager replaces Intellifont).
  • Added: Supports different character sets, including full ISO-8859-15 (Euro support).
  • Improved: AmiDock
  • Improved: AmigaDOS implemented without BCPL TripOS legacy code.
  • Improved: CDFS (with support for ISO9660, UDF, HFS, CDDA etc), CD/DVD writing support, can boot from CD/DVD, drives are auto-mounted.
  • Improved: GUI appearance completely reconfigurable, and consistent across ReAction and GadTools based apps, you can also now drag windows off screen.
  • Improved: Reimplemented FastFileSystem with long filename support and no partition/drive size limits.
  • Improved: The Guru is replaced with the Grim Reaper, a massively enhanced version of the old "Suspend/Reboot" requester.

Example media:


Workbench 1Workbench 2Workbench 3Workbench 4
Boot ScreenBoot Menu 1Boot Menu 2
Hidden messages:
  1. Maria Engström shares the following Easter egg in the U-Boot (ROM/BIOS) of the AmigaOne computers that run AmigaOS4 (therefore not really in Workbench itself). You can activate it by typing in the following on the UBoot prompt (] is the prompt symbol):
    ] setenv easteregg 1
    ] saveenv
    ] reboot

    The next time the AmigaOne computer is rebooted, the screen will look the startup-screen of a Commodore 64. Deactivating the Easter egg is done by typing:

    ] setenv easteregg
    ] saveenv
    ] setenv x86_mode
    ] setenv vga_fg_color 7
    ] setenv vga_bg_color 0
    ] saveenv

    The colors after vga_XX_color can be combined from a palette of 16 colors and they are the same as the standard ANSI palette.

Media Information: One CD-ROM
  1. Chris Young notes that AmigaOS 4.0 "developer pre-release" edition for AmigaOne was released on June 2, 2004. He adds that, in a similar way to the A1000, and (to a lesser extent) early 2.x releases on the A3000, the ROM does not contain any part of AmigaOS and merely loads Kickstart from disk.