Workbench 4.0, v52.1 (Kickstart 52.2), U-Boot 1.1.1

Release date: December 24, 2006, visit the official website
Announcements: AmigaOS 4.0 (Classic)
Updates: July 18, 2007 | February 23, 2008 (Classic)
Kickstart on disk
Shipped with: Available as upgrade for AmigaOne and PPC-equipped A1200/4000
Major enhancements:

This is a non-exhaustive list of the new features of AmigaOS 4.0 The Final Update since Update #4:

  • Exec
    • New memory system
      • Low Fragmentation, even with long uptimes
      • Lots of speedups (for example, memory pools are 10 to 20 times faster than before)
      • Named memory
    • Now uses the MMU to write-protect the .rodata sections of ELF binaries
  • 680x0 emulators
    • Improved compatibility
    • JIT emulator is between 10 to 50% faster
  • DOS
    • 64 bit support for file sizes.
    • New directory scanning and object examination API
  • Intuition
    • Support for legacy programs requiring a planar screen: normal, HAM6 and HAM8 planar screens are promoted to RTG
    • Customizable truecolor mouse pointer (in hardware sprite mode on Radeon boards, and in software sprite mode on all boards)
    • Navigation of oversized screens via [Left Amiga] + numeric pad
  • Workbench
    • Support for native 32 bit icons with normal and selected image
    • Support for loader/saver modules for third-party icon formats
    • Customizable highlight effect for selected single-image icons
    • Customizable "left out", "no drop" and "disabled" icon symbols
    • Removed the remaining 30 character filename length limits
  • Storage controllers support
    • New driver for ITE IT8212 IDE controller
    • New driver for SCSI 53C8xx-based controllers
    • Support for IDE ct-flasher hardware added as contribution
  • General
    • Support for alpha channel in IFF ILBM for easy loading, saving, and clipboard copy/paste of truecolor data
    • No more black background in MultiView when displaying truecolor pictures with an alpha channel
    • MultiView allows the Workbench screen to be closed and reopened
    • Smoother appearance for colorwheel.gadget
    • Customizable images for requester.class requesters
    • Many parts of OS4 now support the mouse wheel
  • ramdrive.device
    • The classic RAD: doesnt survive a soft reboot anymore
    • The new RESRAD: survives a soft reboot again
    • The new BOOTRAD: offers booting from a disk image which survives a soft reboot.
  • console.device
    • Changing the system default keymap now immediately affects all console windows which dont use a private keymap.
  • printer drivers
    • All printer drivers except Printers:File are PPC native
    • The PostScript printer driver now supports printing pictures in greyscale, B&W and landscape modes. It now uses the current system default charset for text printing to ISO-8859-1 before.
  • Printer preferences editor
    • Now PPC native, some new features
  • a1floppy.device
    • New driver for the AmigaOne which has a floppy disk port.
    • Supports booting from floppy disk.
    • Allows limited exchange with Classic Amigas.
  • ft2.library
    • Now supports algorithmic font emboldening.
  • Fonts
    • The default fonts are now the DejaVu fonts which support more different character sets than the Bitstream Vera fonts.
  • USB
    • USB mice and keyboard can now be used to access and navigate EarlyStartup
    • Keybord drivers respects users keyboard key repeat delay and speed
    • Keyboard drivers can now reset into UBoot
  • Boot menu
    • Early boot menu can be used with the only a keyboard.
    • Adjusts its GUI to the screen height which looks better on A1
  • Picasso96 and drivers
    • Radeon Overlay (PIP) support
    • Extended P96 PIP API (double/triple-buffering possibility allowing perfectly smooth animation)
  • AmiGS
    • Localized
    • Improved printing preferences (page selection, double sided printing, collation)
  • AmiPDF
    • Localized
    • Improved printing preferences (page selection, double sided printing, collation)
    • Additional character set support for bookmarks and text copying
    • More search options
  • Ghostscript
    • Updated to the latest version (8.54)
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