Workbench Release, version 45.194 (Kickstart version 46.143) [Floppy boot: Kickstart 46.151]

Release date: September 30, 2018 ( update released on July 8, 2019)

Shipped with: Available as stand-alone update

Media: Diskettes and ADF download

Major enhancements (summary):

  • Added/Fixed/Improved: Over 20 Kickstart ROM modules and many more disk-based core OS components.
  • Added: "Clear Selection [A]Z" and "Find... [A]F" menu items added to the Workbench "Window" menu.
  • Added: A colorful, professionally-designed icon set, along with the traditional four-color icons.
  • Added: Native support for all Motorola 68000-68060 CPUs.
  • Added: Support for large hard disks, including boot, for any OS 2.x/3.x-compliant controller driver supporting HD_SCSI_CMD, TD_64 and/or NSD. Dedicated boot partitions are a thing of the past, even on legacy devices. You can also use variably-sized "SuperFloppies".
  • Improved: AutoConfigTM (now more robust).
  • Improved: CrossDOS and the CDFileSystem (now smarter, faster, and multi-threaded), adding Rockridge and Joliet extensions as well as UDF (DVDs).
  • Improved: DiskDoctor (completely rewritten, and ready to reliably rescue data from floppy disks and hard disk drives).
  • Improved: intuition.library (optional, upgradeable intuition.library provides off-screen dragging of windows for native and Picasso96 RTG screens).
  • Improved: Printer drivers (fully reworked, modernized and bug-fixed, including support for PCL and PostScript, along with legacy NEC and Epson printers).
  • Improved: The Shell/CLI and many of its commands have been reworked and modernized, with native support for pipes, softlinks, hardlinks and long filenames. New commands support running Workbench programs from the Shell or upgrading ROM modules.
  • Improved: Workbench (modernized, and as powerful as the OS 3.9 version, including new or updated Preference editors in the legacy OS 3.1-"GadTools" style. Its tools such as DiskCopy and Format fully support large media. Printer, hard disk and many other support tools have also been fixed and/or upgraded).

Example diskette(s):


Kickstart Screen
Hidden messages: unknown
Media information:
Descriptions and Part Numbers
Seven/Eight (FFS) DS/DD diskettes
Install 3.1.4
Workbench 3.1.4FontsLocale
Extras 3.1.4Storage 3.1.4Update
Locale Extras
  1. This was primarily intended as a bug-fix release to the original Commodore AmigaOS 3.1 release code by Hyperion (unfinished by Commodore due to their bankruptcy on April 29, 1994).
  2. Roughly a month after its release, SetPatch and a copyright-adjusted re-spun ROM image were made available for download from Hyperion's website.
  3. On May 17, 2020, Hyperion released the official, developer release notes for, as well as the Locale Extras 45.315 disk which includes localization materials for Greek, Polish and Russian languages. These languages require additional system setup to work.