Workbench Release 2.03, version 36.102 (Kickstart 36.209)

Release date: ~August 1991

Shipped with: Early A3000s only

Media: Diskettes only

Major enhancements:

  • Fixed: Bugs in 2.02.

Example diskette(s):


No visual changes from 2.0

Hidden messages: unknown
Media information:
Descriptions and Part Numbers
Five (OFS) DS/DD diskettes
A3000 Kickstart
PN: 367245-05 (V2.03)
Amiga Extras
Version 2.0
PN: 317235-04 (V2.03)
A3000 Install Disk (V2.03 Rev2.8)
PN: 335603-04
A3000 Series Kickstart
PN: 367245-05 (V2.03)
Version 2.0
PN: 317954-04 (V2.03)
  1. Peter Cherna (OS development group) notes: "One or two loose screws meant we still needed a 2.03 to fix that up..."