Workbench Release 2.01, version 36.69(D) (Kickstart version 36.143)

Release date: August 6, 1990

Shipped with: Early Amiga 3000s only

Media: Kickstart / SuperKickstart disk, new software

Major enhancements:

  • Fixed: A serious bug in 2.0.

Example diskette(s):


No visual changes from 2.0

Hidden messages:
Media information:
Descriptions and Part Numbers
Two (OFS) DS/DD diskettes
Commodore AMIGA
A3000 Kickstart v2.01

(c) copyright 1990
Commodore-Amiga, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

p/n 367245-03

A3000 Install Disk
PN: 335603-02
Commodore AMIGA
A3000 Series Install Disk
PN: 335603-03
  1. According to Peter Cherna (OS development group), "The A3000 was launched with 2.0, which contained one quite serious bug (I forget what) that was immediately fixed in 2.01. That was about all 2.01 added."