Workbench Release 2.0, v36.68 (Kickstart 36.?)
Release date: 1990 SuperKickstart disk, new software
Shipped with: Early Amiga 3000s only
Major enhancements:
  • New 3D look throughout with the blue (highlights), gray (fill/backgrounds), and black-and-white (3D) color scheme.
  • Boot menu added (allowed selection of boot device and disabling/enabling devices and the Startup-Sequence).
  • Standard GadTools GUI in ROM.
  • New menu system/organization.
  • Revised Fast File System (FFS).
  • Show files without icons.
  • Preferences individualized, new ones introduced.
  • Standard file and font requesters.

Kickstart Menu/Boot Screen
for Workbench 2.0 or 1.3
Hidden messages: see Workbench 2.04
Media information:
Descriptions and Part Numbers
Three (OFS) DS/DD diskettes
A3000 Install Disk
PN: 335603-02
PN: 335603-03

Version 2.0
PN: 317235-01
Version 2.0
PN: 317954-01
Amiga Workbench
Version 2.0
PN: 317954-03
A3000 Workbench V2.0
PN: 317954-02
International A3000
Extras Version 2.0
PN: 317235-02
International A3000
  1. Workbench 2.0 version 36.1, 36.68 was the first official release of the redesigned Workbench (a number of beta releases had already been out up to this point).
  2. Workbench 2.0 required a (hardware) v1.4 ROM to get the Amiga 3000 booting before 2.0 could be softkicked. Rodney Hester notes that the Amiga 3000 tower ROM was actually 1.4 beta 3.
  3. Holger Kruse posted on comp.sys.amiga.misc on September 11, 1999: " Commodore never bumped version numbers between beta versions and release versions. 2.0 and 3.0 were both official release versions, not beta versions. However they were not available for all Amigas (2.0 only for Amiga 3000, 3.0 only for Amiga 1200/Amiga 4000), because the functionality was considered incomplete or transient. Even 2.0 was arguably not a beta version, because at the time Commodore had a policy of distributing beta versions, and even gamma versions, only to registered developers. However Amiga 3000 owners were made aware of the transient and incomplete nature of 2.0 and advised to use 1.3 for "production work". :-)"