Workbench Release 1.3.3, version 34.34

Release date: 1990

Shipped with: Amiga 500 and 2000, available as stand-alone update

Media: Diskettes

Major enhancements:

  • Fixed: Bugs in 1.3.2 (including Enforcer hits).

Example diskette(s):

Screenshot: (Same as Workbench 1.3)
Hidden messages: (Same as Workbench 1.3)
Media information:
Descriptions and Part Numbers
Two (OFS) DS/DD diskettes
Amiga Workbench
Version 1.3.3 (Rev. 34.34)
PN: 317746
Workbench 1.3.3
Rev. 34.34
PN: 317789-04 (Eng.)
Workbench 1.3.3
Rev. 34.34
PN: 317796-04
Workbench 1.3.3
©1988 Rev. 34.34
for A500/2000
PN: 317791-04
Version 1.3.3
PN: 317793-04
Amiga Extras
Amiga Basic
Printer Drivers
Version 1.3.3
PN: 317748-02
Extras 1.3.3
Rev. 34.34
PN: 367618-01 (Intl)
Amiga Extras
Version 1.3.3
P/N: 367617-01
Amiga Extras
1.3.3 (W. Basic)
PN: 317790-02
Germany A500

  1. Amiga BASIC (written by Microsoft) was removed from this release starting with Extras disk PN: 367618-01, since it was unstable when run under a 68020 or 68030.
  2. Changed files in 1.3.3 were: SetPatch, Diskcopy, LoadWB, Echo, Preferences, translator.library, version.library, parallel.device and printer.device. In addition, three of the printer drivers had been updated, including the drivers for the HP_DeskJet, HP_LaserJet, and Howtek_Pixelmaster. These three printer drivers were not properly keeping track of text length and top margin values.