Workbench Release 1.3.1, version 34.25 (Kickstart version 34.5)

Release date: 1990; however, this was a developer-only update.

Shipped with: Some people who bought an Amiga 500 may have received this update with their purchase.

Media: New software only


  • C: SetPatch, LoadWB, Eval, SetClock, Mount
  • System: DiskDoctor, Format, Diskcopy, FastMemFirst, NoFastMem, SetMap
  • Utilities: CMD, ClockPtr
  • L: Pipe-Handler, Speak-Handler, FastFileSystem, Aux-Handler
  • LIBS: version.library, info.library
  • DEVS: serial.device, printer.device

Official list of changes.

Example diskette(s):


Version No.

Kickstart and
Workbench Nos.

Hidden messages: (Same as Workbench 1.3)
Media information:
Descriptions and Part Numbers
Two (OFS) DS/DD diskettes
Workbench 1.3.1
PN: 317789-01
Extras 1.3.1
PN: 317788-01
  1. Akay Graham notes that: "I got these disks with my Amiga A500 (Rev. 5) a few years back (1990) when I was doing a mobile communications course near Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK."
  2. Michael Sinz notes that: "This release was never made public, but it did exist."