Dialogue excerpt from Father Knows Best
"Whistle Bait" Nov. 14, 1956
(21m 53s to 24m 53s, Season 3, Episode 10)

Diane Mills (left) and Betty Anderson (right)
work through jealousy and misconceptions

Diane: I was on my way home; I wondered if I could talk to you for a minute?

Betty: (indifferent) What do you want to talk about?

Diane: Mrs. Carr told me if I had any questions or problems, I should ask you.

Betty: (shrugs) What's your question?

Diane: (sits down, worried) Why is it no-one at school likes me?

Betty: (surprised) That's a strange question...

Diane: You don't like me; I could see it this afternoon right after we met, and after what Mrs. Carr told me about you—about how nice and friendly and popular you were with all the other kids, I thought maybe you'd be different. I thought perhaps I could talk to you, and that maybe we could be friends. (distressed) What is it I'm doing wrong? Why will none of the girls speak to me? Is it because I'm a stranger or because of the way I dress or the way I talk? You must know what it is, Betty! Just ask yourself, "Why? Why do you hate Diane Mills?"

Margaret: (quietly to Jim in the kitchen) She's got Betty on the spot!

Jim: (concerned, quietly to Margaret) Now we'll see what kind of a daughter we have.

Betty: (sits down, ashamed) You're not doing anything wrong Diane. You know the trouble? ...we're jealous. Sounds terrible, doesn't it? But it's true! Just like my father said ["Jealousy [of another's beauty or talent or charm] is [all] the 'fume of little hearts'" — Elinor Glyn], I was jealous because... well, just like all the girls—because you're pretty and you're new at school, and all the boys whistle at you when you walk by... there's the truth. We've been cheap, petty, and hateful, and I'm sorry... (reaches out her hand) friends?"

Diane: (smiles and shakes her hand) Friends.

Jim: (beaming) By golly, she did it!

Margaret: (careful) Shh!

[next scene]

Betty: Diane, now that we know each other, and I've answered a question for you, will you answer one for me?

Diane: Oh yes—anything!

Betty: Well, why is it the boys whistle at you, and they don't whistle at me?

Diane: That's because I'm new in town! You've lived here all your life; boys never whistle at girls they went to kindergarten with!

Betty: You think that's it?

Diane: Sure!