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Undocumented Features

  1. What are the undocumented features in Workbench?

Q: What are the undocumented features in Workbench?
  • When you click on a program icon in the WBStartup drawer and open the icon information window, a window layout different from the normal layout is presented: it has a text gadget for the Start Priority, a "Wait until finished" checkbox, and (related to the "Wait until finished") a text gadget for how many seconds to wait before timing out. [Albrecht Kinzkofer]
  • Pressing the 'Help' key in Workbench attempts to load 'HELP:english/sys/' (found on the OS 3.5 CD at: /Emergency-Boot/Locale/Help/english/Sys/) [Chris Young]
  • Snapshotting a fake icon turns it into a real icon. Also, snapshotting an open disk or HDD partition window creates a "" file. (These features have existed since Workbench 2.04, but are listed here as they are often little known facts).
  • In order for commands to take effect in a Shell prompt, prefix the back apostrophe with an asterisk (e.g. to show the date in your Shell prompt, add the following line to the S:Shell-Startup file):

    PROMPT "*`date`>"
    ...would result in the following prompt:
    Saturday 18-Nov-00 20:36:41>